Most Popular Blog Articles for Outbound Call Center Success in 2021

Most Popular Blog Articles for Outbound Call Center Success in 2021

January 8, 2022 | Convoso

Here’s a round up of some of our most popular blog posts of 2021. The purpose of our blog is to share insights and tips that help sales and lead generation contact centers thrive. We include expert guidance from webinar guests, partners and panel speakers; perspectives and strategies around issue-driven topics; compliance updates; and stories of how customers met challenges and achieved improved results.

In 2021 we sought to address the most pressing issues. For example, we noticed growing alarm by legitimate businesses in our industry regarding drops in contact rates due to increasing blocked and flagged calls. Compliance concerns continued to dominate, especially with the implementation of STIR/SHAKEN, a landmark telemarketing ruling by the Supreme Court (followed by individual state regulatory actions), and telecom carriers’ rollout of A2P 10DLCs for SMS campaigns. 

We hope you find some valuable tips and strategies to energize your business goals in 2022! 

Strategies & Tips to Boost Profitability for Outbound Call Centers

10 Best Practices for Outbound Dialing Productivity

What are the best practices for outbound call centers?  What do the top outbound dialing operations rely on to push performance to the next level? Watch Convoso’s CEO Nima Hakimi and VP of Marketing Lisa Leight break down the top 10 best practices your call center should be doing. 


Managing the 3 Biggest Costs for Your Outbound Call Center to Increase Profitability

Managing the 3 Biggest Costs for Your Outbound Call Center to Increase Profitability.What’s driving up costs for your sales and lead generation call center? Profitability means you’re not just bringing in revenue, you’re also efficiently managing the costs of running your operation. To save money on your outbound call center expenses, we need to focus in on the biggest costs.


Top 3 KPIs for Lead Management in Outbound Call Centers

3 List Management Strategies_blog header with triple tandem bikeIn outbound sales, you’re only ever as good as your data. Without the right lists—and the right list management—you risk losing valuable time chasing down unprofitable (or uncontactable) leads. Let us help you tackle your lead management strategy.


15 Best Practices for Outbound Call Centers with 50 or More Agents

15 Best Practices for Outbound Call Centers with 50 or More Agents_blog header imageWhether you manage an enterprise-scale outbound call center or a midsized operation, every second that’s not used to the fullest can really add to your costs. In this guide, we cover 15 need-to-know outbound call center best practices for operations with 50+ agents.



Compliance to keep you up to date with an evolving industry

TCPA Best Practices to Protect Your Outbound Call Center

TCPA Best Practices to Protect Your Outbound Call Center.

What is the TCPA and what are some best practices to help your outbound call center stay in compliance?  Let us help in this quick guide.


Preparing for Tomorrow’s Regulatory Environment in Lead Gen

Preparing for Tomorrow’s Regulatory Environment in Lead Gen.

Amidst the incredible content at Leadscon 2021, we thought one particular panel was especially worth highlighting: “Preparing for Tomorrow’s Regulatory Environment.” Their discussion looked at how the regulatory and compliance environment has evolved in recent years and offered businesses usable tips and strategies to navigate an increasingly complex future.


Why Your New Numbers May Be Marked as Spam (and What to Do About It)

Why Your New Numbers May Be Marked as Spam - blog header image

Despite a slowdown at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, robocalls in the United States are once again skyrocketing to new highs. In response, carriers are getting much more aggressive in blocking/flagging calls they perceive to be suspicious. Let us guide you through this ever increasing problem and what you can do about it.


Success in specific vertical markets

Resources for Solar Sales and Solar Lead Generation Success

Resources for Solar Sales and Solar Lead Generation Success.

With the renewable energy in the national (and global) spotlight, it’s an exciting time to be in the solar business. Still, high competition and issues like call flagging and blocking create unique challenges for solar call centers striving to reach more prospects and increase solar sales.


Solar Cold Call Scripts that Work

Crafting Solar Cold Calling Scripts that Convert

Solar call center expert Heather Griffin shares how essential the right cold calling script is for pitching solar panels or qualifying prospective solar buyers. To truly deliver on your lead generation strategy, from the moment your potential leads pick up the phone—and even before then—your agents need to be equipped with a script that makes it easier for them to do what they do best.


Insurance Lead Generation that Improves Reach, Converts More, and Retains High Value Customers

Insurance Lead Generation that Improves Converts More

We explore fresh ideas on how to reinvigorate the insurance lead generation process from end to end by looking at:

– Focusing your insurance lead generation efforts on the right customers
– How automation can boost contact rates and speed-to-lead
– Strategies for reducing call blocking and flagging
– How to leverage customer acquisition data and personalize your sales approach


Reach more Customers For Financial Services: Webinar Video & Recap

Reach more Customers For Financial Services: Webinar Video & Recap.In this financial services webinar with our industry partners at ActiveProspect and experts discuss the best practices to stay ahead of the competition, combat increasing regulations and counter the call flagging/blocking impacting lead generation and sales outreach.



Stories of successful results after switching to Convoso

Medicare Call Center Quadruples Contact Rate After Switch

Convoso Customer Story - Medicare Call Center Quadruples Contact Rate_Blog headerWhen GetHealth-e expanded from inbound-only to a blended operation, they struggled to reach prospective policyholders while using the dialer systems of both Five9 and VICIdial. After the health insurance agency switched to Convoso, they saw immediate and dramatic results in their outbound campaigns.


Clean Energy SaaS Company Quickly Scales with Convoso

Dvinci Customer Story with Convoso for growing clean energy businessTo seize opportunity in a thriving and highly competitive solar market, clean energy SaaS startup Dvinci leveraged Convoso to boost customer contacts, improve agent retention, and scale its business at speed.


Convoso is the Ferrari of Dialers for Mortgage Outbound Call Center

Convoso is the Ferrari of Dialers_Customer Story

This customer story comes to us from the perspective of the consultant hired to get a mortgage lending outbound call center up and running. His client became our customer


Interested in more content from 2021? See our 2021 webinar roundups here.



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