Most Popular Blog Posts for Lead Generation & Outbound Calling Centers

Over the past year, we’ve compiled a range of articles and expert insights that help call center lead generation and sales teams be more productive, more efficient, more TCPA compliant, and more profitable. Here are some of the more popular blog posts for lead generation and outbound calling. We hope you find some valuable tips and strategies to energize your business goals.

Article of the Month

Outbound Call Center Trends for 2021

Top 7 Outbound Call Center Trends to Stay Competitive in 2021

2021 OUTBOUND CALL CENTER TRENDS Tips to help you be competitive with advancements in technology, regulations, and best practices for outbound and lead generation call center operations.


Strategies & Tips to Boost Profitability for Outbound Call Centers

16 Essential KPIs for Lead Gen Call Center Profitability

16 KPIs for Outbound Call Centers

Are you tracking the right KPIs for your outbound call center?  Learn how to measure outbound call center performance with ROI-boosting metrics used by the most successful call center operators.  


Outbound Calling Strategies: Accelerating Lead Efficiency

Improve Call Center Lead Efficiency to Boost ROIImproving lead efficiency is critical to making your outbound call center profitable. Learn top outbound call center strategies to accelerate lead efficiency and drive profitability.


Cold Calling Sales Scripts That Get Results for Outbound Call Centers

Outbound call centers convert more leads when their agents know the right thing to say at the right time. Learn what makes a great calling script from preparation to writing with objectives and objections in mind. We touch on agent performance and the value of using dynamic scripting tools.


Top 5 Metrics that Improve Agent Efficiency and Call Center Profitability

What makes this generation of workers unique? What motivates them? What are they looking for in a job experience? What can call center managers do to encourage productivity and job satisfaction of millennial agents? And, what about Gen Z?


Guest Contributors – Experts from Outbound Sales, AI Tech, & Legal Compliance

What Call Centers Need to Know About STIR/SHAKEN

We asked attorney Michele Shuster, compliance expert and founding partner of Mac Murray & Shuster LLP, to contribute a guest blog to help us all better understand what call center businesses really need to know about STIR/SHAKEN. We offer some compliance safeguards your dialer should be providing at the end.


5 Keys to Handling Sales Objections

Sales Objections Handling BLOG headerIn this guest post, our Integration Partner, Balto, offers valuable tips to guide sales reps in dealing with their prospects’ objections. Balto’s AI solution, which is integrated with Convoso’s dialer software, coaches sales teams in real-time during the process of a sales call.


How One Dialer Admin Reduced Stress While Hitting Targets – Part 2

Dialer Admin Improves Results with Switch to ConvosoA high performance outbound dialer admin and guest author Michael Velardi, SVP at Resource Marketing Corp, describes how his day-to-day experience as a call center admin transformed. He reviews how his call center’s new dialer differs from the previous dialer and the new outbound dialing tools he now has to drive dramatic improvements.


Top 5 Metrics that Improve Agent Efficiency and Call Center Profitability

Top 5 Metrics that Improve Agent Efficiency and Call Center ProfitabilityRunning a successful outbound marketing campaign requires the finesse of a dialer admin, a quality dialing plan, and always a good source for data. To hit or exceed your sales expectations and drive call center profitability, you have to tackle the unique challenge of maximizing your agents’ time and productivity.


Customer Success Stories show dramatic improvements after switching to Convoso

Insurance Call Center Ups Their Game to Scale Over 1000%

Convoso Customer Success Story - Insurance Call Center Ups Their Game to Scale Over 1000 PercentTop Healthcare Options owner Tiffanie Gonzalez, 10-year health insurance veteran, is leaping forward to grow her thriving business. She shares a story of how flexible, automated, real time call center analytics enable her to efficiently manage lead and list performance.


Switch from VICIdial Improves Results for Lead Gen Company

NextGen Leads Insurance Customer Story

Lead gen call center gains improvements in transfer rates, contact rates, and efficiencies for managers and agents after switching to Convoso.


Call Center Contact Rate Goes Up by 300% After Switch to Convoso

Digital Market Media dramatically improved profitability and growth of their virtual call center after switching to Convoso, including a 400% transfer rate increase.


Putting the Power of Productivity in Their Power Dialer

Insurance Line One_Convoso Customer Success Story_blogInsurance provider Insurance Line One shrinks wait times and triples agent conversations after switching to Convoso power dialer. Huge morale boost for agents.


See our post for 2020 webinar roundup Top Webinars for Lead Gen & Outbound Call Centers from 2020

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