Customizable Call Center Metrics Dashboards

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Monitor performance in real time.

Now you can get customized data and performance reports - instantly. The Convoso dashboard collects and displays statistics in real time. Track and compare the success of individual agents, lists, and campaigns. Use performance data to improve handling time, raise customer satisfaction, and meet service level agreements.

Track Important
KPI's in Real Time

Keep a Pulse on Your Business

Fully Customizable to Suit Your Needs

Assess Your Contact Rate in Real Time

“Convoso has lowered our agent wait times between live calls from 30 seconds to 15 seconds and their real time reporting enables us to make necessary changes on the fly to keep performance at peak levels. As a result, we’ve increased productivity across our customer programs by 26%.”

– James Anderson | CEO, Sales Gen

Choose Actions Based on Valuable Metrics

Understand Which Lists are
Performing & Which Aren’t

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Set custom KPIs and performance metrics.

Pick your most important performance metrics, and prioritize them in your dashboard. Choose from an extensive list of KPIs, including contact rate and agent availability. Then apply your own filters to extract the most important information. Showcase data from all your reports and campaigns with customized colors and designs.

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