Medicare Call Center Quadruples Contact Rate After Switching to Convoso

Medicare Call Center Quadruples Contact Rate After Switching to Convoso

September 8, 2021 | Convoso

When GetHealth-e expanded from inbound-only to a blended operation, they struggled to reach prospective policyholders while using the dialer systems of both Five9 and VICIdial. After the health insurance agency switched to Convoso, they saw immediate and dramatic results in their outbound campaigns.

Managing Partner at GetHealth-e, David Zamani, met with our team to share his company’s success story since switching to Convoso. Helping customers grow their business is what we’re all about, so we are very excited to share what David had to say. 

“When we moved to Convoso, the metrics changed immediately. Our business is definitely reaping the rewards: We’re making a tremendous amount more in sales, we’re dialing significantly less data than before, and our connection rate has increased 400%. ”   

– David Zamani, Managing Partner, GetHealth-e

Summary of GetHealth-e Customer Success Story

GetHealth-e is a health insurance agency focused on connecting customers across the country with their Medicare needs. Based in Florida, the company’s call center employs over 200 agents who handle both inbound and outbound calls. 


  • Needed dialer with effective blended capabilities for inbound and outbound
  • Paying expensive caller ID (DID) management fees
  • Slow DID rotation process on former dialers leaving “Spam Likely” issues unsolved and hurting contact rates and conversions
  • Consistent voicemail leakage harming agent morale and effectiveness
  • Cumbersome reporting interfaces wasting manager time
  • Agent login and logout issues and glitches leading to unacceptable downtime


  • Powerful predictive dialer software with custom IVR and inbound functionality
  • Dedicated CSM to optimize and customize configuration 
  • Answering Machine Detection solution to increase agent talk time
  • ClearCallerID™ DID reputation management to easily identify and replace flagged caller IDs
  • Real-time reporting to rapidly respond to changes in list-level performance

“This is by far the best system we’ve ever used, and it’s making a meaningful difference in our business. There’s nothing more we could ask for.”


  • 4X increase in contact rate
  • 40 new agent seats added to support growth
  • 40% less spent on leads
  • Daily outbound call volume dropped 300K to 180K
  • Positive impact on agent morale
  • Saved manager time

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Download the Story on how a Medicare Call Center Quadruples Contact Rate After Switching to Convoso

The Backstory

A New Business Model Needs a New Dialer

In 2020, GetHealth-e changed things up. They decided to expand their market potential by adding outbound calls to their inbound operation. The company had been satisfied with Five9 as their inbound call center software. However, when they moved forward with their outbound campaigns, GetHealth-e started having issues. 

Contact Rates Crushed by Caller ID problems 

With Five9’s outbound dialer, DIDs were very expensive and took as long as five days to replace. Once new numbers were implemented, GetHealth-e agents had already been dialing for days at low contact rates—and even more caller IDs were being flagged. 

And, while agents were not reaching prospects to talk about health insurance, the company was losing money on one of a call center’s biggest costs: payroll.

For any outbound call center engaged in lead generation and sales, contact rate is everything. If your calls aren’t getting through, your agents aren’t having conversations, which means, for an insurance company, no new policyholders. Beyond the lost potential income, the cost of blocked and flagged DIDs includes not only the leads that aren’t reached, but wasted agent time and diminishing morale. 

“By the time I would see that certain numbers were flagged as spam and tried to rotate them, from an operational standpoint, it was impossible. That created a major issue for our overall connectivity rate, …requiring us to dwell on a lot more data to connect our agents with consumers… And for us, we knew we needed to make a change.”

Second Dialer, Same Story

GetHealth-e took the recommendation of industry partners and moved to the open sourced VICIdial platform

Initially, they noticed an uptick in their contact rates, although they were still paying a high fee to rotate DIDs. 

But soon, contact rates settled to around the same low place they had been with Five9. On top of that, agents experienced login issues and glitches that sapped their productivity. 

GetHealth-e began looking for a new dialer again.

 “[With VICIdial,] I had a problem. We had a hole in our boat, we were sinking, and we needed to fix it.”

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GetHealth-e’s Dialer Solution

“When we moved to Convoso, the implementation was fantastic – the metrics changed immediately. It was literally like hitting a light switch.”

Third Time’s the Charm with Convoso

GetHealth-e was desperate to do something about their low contact rates when they came to Convoso. Once they decided to try Convoso’s solution, they were paired with a dedicated product expert who guided them through every step of the implementation process.

With the help of their Customer Success Manager, GetHealth-e enjoyed a quick, seamless transition to their new cloud-based dialer software – and they began reaping the rewards.  

Across the Board Efficiency Drives Growth

Between a powerful predictive dialer, easier reporting, accurate AMD, effective DID management, and more, GetHealth-e isn’t just driving more contacts, conversions, and transfers. The efficiencies that Convoso has helped uncover across the board at GetHealth-e are delivering a rate of growth David describes as “crazy.”

How have they done it? Simply by getting more people on the phone. With a 400% increase in contact rate, GetHealth-e agents are spending less time dialing through leads and more time talking to—and transferring—potential policyholders.

“We’re creating more connections with the consumers, which lead to more opportunities for the agents, which in turn lead to more sales. So it’s been fantastic so far out the gate.”

Fewer Leads to Make Sales Goals

GetHealth-e was dialing around 300,000 records per day with previous dialers Five9 and VICIdial. But with the low contact rates of these dialers, David says they were burning through data and driving up lead costs as they kept trying harder to reach prospects. After they switched to Convoso, contact rates improved to the point that they were able to cut dialing to just 180,000 calls per day. 

Better contact rates mean fewer leads need to be dialed to make sales goals. For GetHealth-e that means more bang for their buck – more policyholders for lower costs. That’s how profits are made! 

Now that their outbound dialing campaigns are more effective, they’ve added 40 new agents to their insurance call center operation. 

“To add 40 reps and to still be dialing that much less data—that’s crazy.” 

Clean Caller IDs Drive Up Contact Rates and Conversions

Outbound call centers everywhere face unprecedented call blocking and flagging. And when numbers are showing up on prospects’ phones as “Scam Likely,” it can be tough to get anyone on the line – even those who are interested in what you have to offer. That’s why effective caller ID reputation management is essential for running a smooth (and profitable) outbound operation. 

With both Five9 and VICIdial, the DID management process was a drain on GetHealth-e’s efficiency, and became an unavoidable sticking point. David says that on top of expensive fees and slow rotation times, he was manually pulling reports on flagged DIDs and sending in requests for new numbers. 

With Convoso, GetHealth-e takes a proactive approach to managing DIDs using Convoso’s ClearCallerID™ tracking tool. Now they can quickly identify flagged and blocked numbers and swap them out before they impact KPIs— and David doesn’t need to lift a finger.

“With Convoso, I’m getting an update from my Customer Success Manager. They’re telling me they pulled the [bad] numbers and already replaced them. It’s very easy on me and I really enjoy it.”

Voicemail Detection Makes Agents Winners

Without accurate answering machine detection (AMD), GetHealth-e agents were sometimes struggling to find their rhythm on the sales floor. Reaching voicemails as many as 10 times in a row can be a drain on morale. And when that 11th call is a live person, reps are not always at their best. 

Implementing Convoso’s highly accurate voicemail detection solution made a world of difference for agents across GetHealth-e. With unmatched speed and precision and up to 97% accuracy, the Convoso AMD technology enables agents to spend more time having real conversations on live calls. And with fewer false negatives leaking through, agents can stay engaged and at the top of their game.  

Conversations are up, sales are up, morale is up. Everybody wins. 

“When we introduced the AMD feature, you could hear it internally. The representatives were visibly much happier. They were sharper, and they were much more engaged, upbeat, and in the zone. Coupled with the right amount of data and a dialing system doing things properly, AMD creates a world of efficiency.”

Robust Reporting Helps Managers Solve Problems Quickly

“A lot of these metrics can be found in other systems. But for me, [with Convoso’s customizable dashboard], it’s just right here on one of my screens, right in my face, everything right in the snapshot, which is fantastic.That has allowed us to be much more efficient in operating our business, because we’re able to figure out problems before they become a bigger problem. And that leads to a solution.”

David says that GetHealth-e is adding hundreds of thousands of new records into their dialer system every couple of days. With such a high volume of data and a high call volume to match, easy access to realtime reporting is a must for David and his managers. 

The GetHealth-e team prefers to track performance hourly and observe their pacing as the day progresses. “The main metrics we watch,” David said, “are obviously our contact rate. If that’s down, then that’s going to cause me to look at what lists I’m dialing. And then to look at that report, it’s going to tell me if this list is helping me or hurting me, and I know which ones to shut off.”

Convoso’s robust reporting capabilities makes it easy for them to monitor activity across their call center and their specific tier-based agent teams. 

“The insight that I’m able to get from this system is better than anything in the market today…Having that [data readily available] has allowed us to be much more efficient in operating our business, which is leading to more sales because we’re able to figure out problems before they become a bigger problem—and that leads to a solution.”

Custom Functionality for Inbound and Outbound

While GetHealth-e incorporated outbound sales into their health insurance revenue stream, inbound calls remain a crucial function of their business – they don’t want to miss out on high-intent prospects. Consumers who miss their calls need to be able to call back and easily reach an agent.

To optimize their blended call center, GetHealth-e worked with Convoso to customize their inbound process, and now offers inbound callers a streamlined IVR that routes calls to the right agents. Convoso’s inbound calls are queued and automatically routed to a ready agent before a valuable call is dropped. 

“Convoso has all the capabilities of Five9 for inbound that we’ve ever had… but better because everything can be customized. In Five9, you’re very limited to what’s out-of-the-box. Convoso can really be tailored to everything you need. If it’s not out-of-the-box, it can be created, no problem.”

Cost Saving Strategy on Insurance Licensing with State-based Routing

According to David, GetHealth-e has only just started to experience the full benefits that Convoso’s diverse suite of features can deliver. 

For example, one of the biggest expenses at insurance call centers, especially those growing quickly like GetHealth-e, is licensure: Agents and sales reps need to be licensed to sell policies within specific states. Convoso’s state based, or skills based, routing feature makes sure that calls are only routed to agents with the required licenses. 

David sees the potential cost savings of this feature.

Rather than go all-in on new agents and put up the expense of securing their licensure in all active states, the state-based routing feature can help test new agents’ performance in a limited set of states. Using Convoso’s agent-level reports and state-based routing, David’s team can evaluate new agents to see who performs well over their first 30 days within a limited pool of about 5 states. 

“If we could limit licensure costs by allowing them to perform for us during the first 30 days of employment, we can rate them and figure out if they’re going to make it or not. And then we can follow through with buying more licenses on a big scale, which saves us a tremendous amount of money.”

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Download the Story on how a Medicare Call Center Quadruples Contact Rate After Switching to Convoso

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