Click-to-Comply™ Dialer

Supporting compliance and productivity

Convoso’s Click-to-Comply™ dialer product supports compliant dialing in accordance with TCPA requirements.

With Click-to-Comply™ your contact center agents are required to manually initiate every call. After the call is started, the agent remains on the line throughout the call life cycle (call initiated, call connected/not connected, call ended).

In addition to supporting compliance, our Click-to-Comply™ solution transforms your call center’s efficiency and improves ROI. How do we do this? It’s all about our omnichannel capabilities, combined with a better way of cycling through your leads as well as powerful reporting capabilities to understand your profitability at the list and lead source level.

Real-time Reporting Capabilities

True Omnichannel

Superior Redial/ Recycle logic

Improved Lead, Agent & Manager Efficiency

"With Convoso, we've had happier agents with more conversations, and much improved contact rates."

– Mike Kelly | Insurance Line One

Sell multiple products and use multiple scripts, without ever losing track. The Convoso system shows a dynamic campaign script and individual lead information for every single call, updated in real time. Dial multiple leads at once, then wait for the right connection to come in.
It is recommended that you consult with your legal counsel for guidance on compliance matters.

Great ROI Comes from Great Tools

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