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What is an outbound Preview Dialer?

An outbound preview dialer allows call center agents to view information from prospects’ CRM records prior to manually dialing. Preview dialing is the foundation of the Convoso Click-to-Comply™ product, and is used by organizations to maintain compliance with the TCPA when reaching out to leads without express-written consent. Preview dialer software is also used to dial high-intent leads when you need to reach them fast and ensure an agent is always available to talk. Because leads are dialed one at a time, there is virtually no drop rate so many organizations use a preview dialer to maximize their customer experiences.
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Preview Dialer Frequently Asked Questions

In the preview dialing mode, the dialing system will select a customer from a lead list and show their CRM data to an available agent. The agent is then able to review the customer’s information and determine whether to proceed with the call. If they choose to do so, they will then manually click to call the lead. Once that call is finished, the agent will be served with another potential customer to call.

Unlike a preview dialer, a predictive dialer does not offer agents the opportunity to review customer information before choosing whether or not to proceed with the call. When using a predictive dialer, available agents are connected to live calls as soon as they become available. 

Because preview dialing gives agents maximum control over when to begin a call, they also have more time to review customer information and prepare for their call. While this can add up to wasted time in the event a customer does not answer, it is also quite useful for situations where the case at issue on the call is especially complex or sensitive. 

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