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Create strategic voicemail drop cadences

Since it often takes multiple attempts to reach a lead, it is important to have a strategy for leaving messages when calls are routed to answering machines. Customizing the content of voicemails that are delivered based on information you know about your leads, as well as the frequency with which those messages are left, can help outbound call centers improve their contact rates for future attempts as well as improve the likelihood of callbacks.
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Customize voicemail drop cadences

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Building smart voicemail drop outreach strategies

Leaving the same message after every attempt, or every few attempts, is not likely to deliver good results. Instead, contact centers should create a series of different voicemails to drop, and leave those messages every few attempts.

Campaigns may require unique messaging and drop cadences based on the different types of leads you are contacting. It is important to ensure that your dialer allows you to tailor voicemail drop strategies for each of your outreach activities.

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Build strong voicemail drop cadences with Convoso

Convoso’s state-of-the-art dialer allows customers to drop different voicemails based on the number of attempts made to individual leads. Each campaign can take advantage of a different voicemail drop strategy, and can be configured to take into account whether or not a lead has previously answered a call.

To maximize contact rates and the likelihood of callbacks, Convoso also recommends employing an omnichannel strategy to reach leads via SMS and email as well.

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Smart Voicemail Drop Frequently Asked Questions

Voicemail dropping is just like it sounds: a voicemail is “dropped” into a recipient’s voicemail inbox whenever an answering machine is detected instead of a live customer. Using smart voicemail drop capabilities like Convoso’s, businesses can deliver a series of customized messages as part of a series much like an email or SMS drip campaign that’s optimized to increase the likelihood of call backs.

Differing from smart voicemail drop, ringless voicemail is just like it sounds: a voicemail is deposited in a recipient’s inbox without the phone ringing.

Ringless voicemails—or any kind of prerecorded call, for that matter—trigger the TCPA statute. To maintain TCPA compliance in this case, call centers must possess documented consent. Regulations and enforcement around ringless voicemail are currently in flux, with some businesses having already been fined for its use. However, smart voicemail drop gives businesses an alternative option to use alongside compliant, consent-based dialing practices.

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