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We decided to make the switch to Convoso when we recognized that we needed more. We switched when we had so many leads sitting and not being called. We switched because we had call center agents' constantly turnover and we needed better productivity.”

Aaron Culbertson
Executive VP
HomeCraft Gutter Protection
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I'm not sure how the magic happens "behind the curtain", but when I end one call, I know my next call will not be far behind.

Jack T.

Medicare Advocate, Review via G2

Convoso has been a game changer for our team. Their predictive dialer has improved our contact rate and efficiency. The ease and simplicity of their system makes implementation easy and gives our team members quick access to better results. Their team has been with us every step of the way walking us through any questions or roadblocks we have run into with quick solutions.

Kirsti N.

Operations Assistant, Review via Capterra

I love being able to listen in on my team in real time and coach them. Being able to see the current time in call, what type of lead, what type of call, and much more is crucial for my team to succeed and for my reports.

Tate W.

Agent Success Manager, Review via G2

We have a lot more consistent success with Convoso vs other dialers. Their lead level of control drives scalability and campaign success.

Michael Francik

Co-Founder, TruAlliant
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Convoso has helped us talk to more donors. In fact, since we've started, we're able to talk to twice as many donors as we were prior to checking Convoso, which helps our company save more lives.

Heath Wilson

VP of Operations, 448 Recruitment

The most dramatic improvement when we switched over to Convoso was our contact rate. We tripled our contact rate. It increased by about 12 percentage points from about 5% , now we're in the high teens.

Christopher Reynolds

Co-Owner, New Age Health Solutions
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I consider Convoso a best of breed technology. I've tried to over the years save money on other types of solutions that ended up being more costly in the long run... you may be paying a little more, but the benefits outweigh the costs.

Danny Greeson

Founder and CEO, eQuoto
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Convoso has really been a gamechanger for us as a company, in terms of how much our agents can output to our teams [in the field]. We’re seeing levels of appointments and demos that we’ve never seen before.

Brian Spurgeon

Director of Call Centers, Long Home Products
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Convoso is an excellent dialing platform… We saw an increase in contact rates and an improvement in our call quality issues and uptime. All of that is critically important when you’re running at scale with 500 users.

Sean Chapman

Chief Technology Officer, Medigap Life
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When we switched over, we saw a lot higher contact rate, a lot more efficiency, like how fast we were able to call through the leads…On Convoso, you’re always getting connected to somebody.

Zach Helton

Dialer Admin, Innovative Financial Group
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Your contact rate it's tenfold to any other dialer that we've experienced, a hundredfold. It’s nowhere near what we were experiencing with Five9. All my agents now are actually getting connected to people.

Ariel Ayalon

Operations Manager, Senior Healthcare Advisors
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Since switching to Convoso, we've seen about a 30% increase in revenue... And, we're at about a 90% contact success rate.

Matt Bowers

VP of Operations, Dynamic Insurance Services
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The biggest impact that Convoso has had on our business is speed to lead. The ability to reach a lot of consumers more quickly is what any campaign dialer should be delivering--and that’s exactly what we’re using Convoso for.

Dave Pevsner

Manager of Call Operations, EverQuote
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Very simply, easy to use and user friendly interface. It makes my job as a Dialer Manager a breeze due to the dialer running so smoothly on a daily basis with minimum to zero issues and we get the most productivity from our staff compared to working on other dialer systems. The reporting system on Convoso is also exceptional and it has great dialing strategies that makes lead management a breeze. The support staff is very accommodating and always help and explains everything in detail to make sure we always have 100% uptime.

Ashley Munsamy

Review via Google

Convoso has been a good tool for my team. I have seen a increase in connection rate/sales. The entire process has been good. They have a good support team to work with.

Rod Fohl

Review via Google

From what I’ve seen, there is no better dialer system than Convoso on Planet Earth today. I’ve never, ever had this level of customer service and tech support. Ever. It’s head and shoulder above anybody else.

Ron Leonard

Divisional Sales Leader, US Health Advisor
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We decided to make this switch to Convoso when we recognized that we needed more. We switched when we knew that we had so many leads sitting and not being called. We switched because we had call center agents' constantly turnover and we needed better productivity. The kind of impact that Convoso has had on our business is that it put all of our people in a power position to win the customer, to win the lead, to win the deal. Just all-around winning. And that was what was so key to us and the reason that we made the switch. We needed that partner and we needed that that system that was going to help us win.

Aaron Culbertson

Executive VP, HomeCraft Gutter Protection
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Have used Convoso for close to 2 years and could not be more pleased. Their thoughtfulness to design and attention to detail have created a solution that uncomplicates some very cumbersome features of many competitors. Always one step ahead and committed to delivering a solution that achieves results where phone outreach is growing more challenging by the minute.

Sean G.

Review via Google

Constant support and continued innovation. There is not a moment where you feel left alone or your voice is not heard. Convoso holds your hand through every process and gives you a tailored experience to your needs...Lead management and cost analysis with sales per vendor has been greatly simplified with searches and user reports.

Jeffrey G.

Systems Manager, Review via G2

Convoso is the way to go! Hands down the most helpful aspect of using this Convoso dialer system was their dedicated support team that helped our business navigate getting acclimated to learning how to use the system. We could count on them every day! Convoso is solving our problem of support. We came from a dialer that no longer offered us the support we needed. We are an ever-changing call center that is constantly doing new things that require constant learning and support. We found that balance using Convoso!

Adam J.

IT Manager, Review via G2

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