Outbound SMS Solutions

Expand your reach with SMS.

Unlike junk mail, spam, or ads that can be ignored, people tend to read every text they receive. The result is an open rate of up to 98 percent, making text messaging one of the most effective tools for reaching your audience.

Improve SMS Deliverability with The Campaign Registry.

Expect significant improvements in SMS delivery rates when you register your SMS campaigns with the major carriers through The Campaign Registry. Registration allows you to brand your identity and improve compliance with outbound SMS regulations.

Automatically Generate
& Send
Customized Texts

Increase Conversion
Rates & Sales

Offset Costs with
an Extremely High
Open Rate

Receive Responses
from Your Leads
with Two-way Texting

Increase efficiency and engagement with automated SMS messaging & dynamic fields.

With Convoso you can take advantage of it’s SMS benefits quickly and efficiently using two powerful technologies. Together, these tools deliver added value by increasing productivity and conversion rates.

Automated SMS

Automated SMS templates utilize smart triggers to automatically send a text based on call count, phone call outcome, or any value populated in the lead record.


Dynamic fields allow you to customize text messages to your leads for a more engaging experience, while allowing templates to be used over and over again.

Boost sales with two-way texting.

Texting doesn’t have to be a one-way street. Provide your agents with the ability to send texts promoting your product or service to leads, and receive responses indicating interest. It’s also a simple and effective way to schedule callback dates.

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