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Reach Leads Before Your Competition

DX5 is Convoso’s proprietary dialer engine that drives huge improvements in contact rates and profitability. Customers can place more calls, faster than any other solution available, allowing them to implement superior speed to lead strategies.

By placing a larger volume of calls quickly, your team will contact more leads when they are new (when they are the most likely to answer the phone and make a purchase).

Competitors won’t be able to keep up because DX5 dials faster than any other solution regardless of how many lines you are using.

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Reach leads
before competitors

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Improve speed
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“The thing that’s going to make us memorable is let us make that contact first. Convoso has definitely helped us as far as speed to lead. We’ve been able to respond to a lead immediately.”

Aaron Culbertson

Executive VP, HomeCraft Gutter Protection

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Call new
leads instantly

Avoid contacting leads too many times per day

Attempt new
leads more often

Assign rules based on zip codes or area codes

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Improve Lead Response Time

Research shows that leads are more likely to answer the phone if you call them quickly after they submit a lead form. DX5 is the ultimate speed to lead platform that allows outbound sales teams to place calls to fresh leads right away… and then attempt them more often on the first day.

Improving lead response times allows your agents to spend more time on the phone with interested buyers, which improves the quality of their sales pitches. Convoso customers report that DX5 powers a lift in conversion rates.

How Does DX5 Work?

Convoso engineered DX5 to place a larger volume of calls per line at a lower cost than other dialers, allowing us to maximize the performance of each line.

Our proprietary dialer engine also minimizes post-dial delay and can ramp up dialing quickly, so your campaigns are optimized for the greatest level of efficiency possible throughout the day.

This powerful combination of speed and efficiency allows our customers to get more leads on the phone, lowering their cost of acquiring new customers while fueling profitable growth.

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Dial more efficiently

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Minimize post-dial delay

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Ramp up quickly

Reach more leads. Faster. 🚀 Skyrocket conversions and revenue.

Why Convoso?

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Boost contact rates by up to 3x through innovative technology

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Fully manage caller ID reputation with a comprehensive set of tools and services


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Drive better outcomes and improve efficiency with real time and historical analytics

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