Flexible, Intelligent, and Powerful Data Analytics Reports

Call center analytics reporting that boosts productivity and profitability

Boost call center management efficiency with flexible analytics reports

Real Time Insights

By tracking metrics trends in real time, you have the flexibility to change course toward greater profitability and to make decisions that impact the performance of the day.

Easy Accountability

From your customizable dashboard, admins and managers can schedule reports to automatically send key metrics to the call center owner and executive team.


Understand the big picture of agent, lead, and list performance by analyzing the data over the time period of your choice, whether that’s by the hour, day, week, month, quarter.

Get detailed insights into performance with these two stand out reports

Make a HUGE impact your bottom line by tracking essential KPIs. Convoso offers a myriad of ways to pull your most important metrics into your dashboard and to deliver customized analytics reports. You will love how these two reports help you manage your call center’s performance.

List Conversion Report

This business intelligence report reveals the profit and loss of lists. The focus is on profitability metrics. Call centers that use these analytics to implement smart dialing strategies see strong improvements in contact and conversion rates.

  • Managers see breakdown of costs and revenue to determine their true CPA [cost per acquisition]
  • Real time reporting allows managers to compare multiple lists to see which are performing best [most profitably], and to turn lists on and off
  • Run reports by minute, hour, or over a select time period; can also run by agent to determine productivity
Customizing Call Center KPI dashboard

Lead Penetration Status Report

Stop wasting time on leads you shouldn’t be calling and concentrate on leads you should be calling. Some leads get stuck in lists, and some get dialed too often. Know how your lists are performing so you can manage dialing campaigns more strategically.

  • See dialing patterns and tailor campaign dialing 
  • Compare lists to see leads dialed least and most 
  • See on a scale how well agents are penetrating leads within their list, based on disposition status
  • Know which lists to dial more frequently
  • Define how you want to call leads in a campaign

Versatile Call Center Reporting Tools

Quickly find out which lists, lead sources and agents are performing—and which aren’t. A wide range of filters lets you easily set the reporting criteria to get the information that you need.

Analyze Data


Filter Data Points

Which of your lists are performing and which are not? Easily find out by comparing and sorting all of your lists based on success rate.
Your leads are valuable assets. View all their information at a glance, filtered by status, campaign, list, and user.
An effective campaign begins with reaching your leads. Quickly see how many of your calls are making contact and how many are missing the target.
Create your own reports to suite your operation’s needs. Filter reports and drill down based a variety of variables, from call type to dispositions.
Are your agents experiencing too much down time? Track call counts by agent and adjust workflows accordingly to increase productivity.
Running reports manually wastes valuable time. Increase efficiency by scheduling reports to be run and emailed automatically at a specific time — hourly, daily or weekly.

Are you tracking the right metrics?

When it comes to reports, we need to understand the most critical metrics that impact call center performance. Here’s a summary of 16 KPI’s that can help drive greater efficiency and profitability for your call center operation. Learn more >
  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
  • Connection Rate
  • Lead Conversion Rate
  • Talk Time
  • Wrapup time
  • Pause or Wait Time
  • Calls per Agent
  • First Call Close
  • # Sales & Revenue/Agent
  • Average Hold Time
  • Abandoned Call Rate
  • Dropped Call Rate
  • Contact Rate
  • Average Talk Time
  • Total Revenue
  • List Profit and Loss

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