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Maximize Your Marketing Budget

Simplify and automate your lead management process. Focus on the work of selling while our lead management software makes sure your leads stay on the path to conversion.

Want to increase contact rates and conversions? Learn how Convoso can maximize revenue in your call center.

What is a lead management?

Lead management captures all of the processes involved between the time a business generates leads and ultimately converts them. Sales lead management encompasses everything a business does to track, nurture, and contact potential customers, with the aim of converting them into actual customers.

Set up tailored outreach cadences to reach leads at the right time

Automate omnichannel workflows to reach leads in the right channel

Maximize manager efficiency by reducing campaign design and management time

Support TCPA compliance with robust consent checks, list scrubbing, time restrictions, and more

Get the most out of your leads

Dial thousands—or millions—of leads each day with maximum efficiency. Our call center lead management software eliminates guesswork from your sales process, helping you.

Reduce the complexity of high-volume sales and lead generation with intelligent lead management software built for the needs of today’s call centers—and integrated within the industry’s most powerful dialer platform.

Why lead management matters

Effective lead management is essential to any sales operation. In the simplest terms, it’s how teams turn leads into customers and clients. But lead management isn’t just a process. It’s also an expression of their sales philosophy. At the core of any effective lead management approach is an understanding that each lead is different—and that they expect to be treated that way.

71% of consumers expect personalized sales interactions, and 76% express frustration when they don’t find it.

That’s why teams look to the best call center lead management software to not only help keep track of their leads but also deliver a more personalized sales approach.

After a lead enters your sales pipeline, your lead management strategy should aim to streamline the journey from initial contact to conversion, minimizing missed opportunities with tailored initial outreach and follow-up and maximizing compliance support with robust controls. 

And that’s where lead management software comes in.

How to manage sales leads with Convoso

No matter how many leads you’re dialing, our call center lead management software is designed to help you optimize each of your campaigns while eliminating much of the effort required to set up and manage them. Eliminate friction and keep leads moving through the pipeline with lead management capabilities that target the entire sales journey.

Lead capture automation

Seamlessly integrate various lead sources and capture prospect details without manual entry, reducing human error.

Extensive lead filtration

Slice and dice your lead data to develop the best strategies for different types of leads. Maximize contact rates and generate more revenue.

Intelligent outreach cadences

Time your outreach to perfection and engage with your leads in the channels they prefer. Create rules-based Redial/Recycle logic to automate follow-up and convert more leads.

Robust compliance controls

Create controls to check leads for express-written consent, call time restrictions, state-specific licenses and scrub records against relevant DNC lists.

Learn how Convoso simplifies the lead management process.

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Lead Management Frequently Asked Questions

Lead management software is a subset of CRM software that helps organizations maintain records of all their leads within one centralized database, move those leads between targeted campaigns, and manage various coordinated efforts to reach them over time.
Lead management is critical to optimizing your sales efforts and driving profitability. Leads are a big expense for any outbound call center. Without proper lead management, businesses risk being inefficient, wasting time with cumbersome manual processes, calling low-performing leads, or calling the right leads at all the right times. All of this adds up to lost sales and lower revenue. With software and automation supporting effective lead management, sales teams can stay on top of the leads that matter most, track performance, and drive maximum profitability.
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