Automated Email Marketing
with Trigger Technology
& Dynamic Fields

Increase Conversions with Automated Email Marketing

Email is a powerful tool for increasing your number of customers and strengthening your relationships with existing customers. Save agent time with automated email templates powered by smart triggers that generate emails based on call count, phone call outcome, or any field populated in the lead record.

Automatically send email and setup dynamic responses

Send Follow-Up

Automatically send a follow-up email when
you’ve reached a lead’s voicemail or made a sale.

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Trigger Emails

Trigger email templates based on lead
location, call count, or any existing lead info.

Reach more leads faster and skyrocket your sales team's revenue

Learn how you can 3x contact rates

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Personalize Messages

Customize Emails with Dynamic Fields

Personalized emails receive transaction rates that are six times higher. Dynamic fields make it simple to customize messages to each lead, while allowing templates to be used over and over again.

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Automatically generate
& send customized emails
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Increase conversion
rates and sales
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Trigger calls when
leads open emails

Email Frequently Asked Questions

Email marketing is the practice of marketing and promoting your products and services to existing and potential customers over email. Automated email marketing solutions like Convoso’s can support your other outbound marketing efforts as part of an omnichannel approach.

Email is used by an estimated 90% of Americans above age 15. Simply put, if you’re not marketing over email, you’re missing out on opportunities to reach customers. Plus, with the help of an automated email solution, email marketing doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming—giving you a cost-effective, time-efficient marketing method to add to your arsenal.

Yes. According to one study, email marketing offers the highest ROI of all marketing channels, on average delivering $42 back for every dollar spent.

Automated emails, sometimes also termed “triggered email,” are email messages automatically sent in response to actions taken by a lead or user. By creating customized email templates in an automated email solution, you can set email messages to be automatically triggered, for example, whenever a lead opts in, their voicemail is reached, or you have made a sale.

Rev up your Marketing ROI

Provide your agents with the ability to send emails promoting your product or service to leads, and have them receive replies in their inbox.

Email Marketing with Emails
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Emails that Convert

Increase your open and click rate by up to 8x

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Generate Revenue

Improve conversion rates and top line revenue

Real-time Responses

Be Proactive with Open Response

With open response capabilities, Convoso allows you to take the initiative by automatically triggering a phone call when a lead opens an email. Set the system to make call backs instantly, or wait a few minutes after the email is opened.

Realize a Higher Open Rate

These days, people are more likely to open an email than take a phone call. With the proliferation of smartphones — 97 percent of millennials own one — they also have access to their email at all times. Take advantage of this trend by supplementing voice calls with emails.
The Power of an Email
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