Automated Email Marketing with Trigger Technology & Dynamic Fields

Increase conversions with automated email marketing.

Email is a powerful tool for increasing your number of customers and strengthening your relationships with existing customers. However, productivity suffers if your agents have to spend time off the phone to compose these messages. Convoso has the answer with its automated email templates, which allow you to take advantage of smart triggers to automatically generate an email based on call count, phone call outcome, or any field populated in the lead record.

Send Follow-Up

Automatically send a follow-up email when you’ve reached a lead’s voicemail or made a sale.

Trigger Emails

Trigger email templates based off of lead location, call count, or any existing lead info.

Customize emails with dynamic fields.

Personalized emails receive transaction rates that are six times higher than others. To realize this benefit, dynamic fields make it simple to customize messages to each particular lead, while allowing templates to be used over and over again.

Personalized Communication

Personalize messages with first and last names when sending appointment reminders or emails thanking your customers for their business.


Effortlessly and automatically add monetary data to email messages regarding mortgages and any other financial services.

Automatically Generate & Send Customized Emails

Increase Conversion Rates and Sales

Trigger Calls when Leads Open Emails

Rev up your marketing ROI.

Provide your agents with the ability to send emails promoting your product or service to leads, and have them receive replies in their inbox.

Emails that Conver

Increase your open and click rate by up to 8x.

Generate Revenue

Earn up to 6x more revenue for your business.

Be proactive with open response.

With open response capabilities, Convoso allows you to take the initiative by automatically triggering a phone call when a lead opens an email. Set the system to make call backs instantly, or wait a few minutes after the email is opened.

Realize a higher open rate.

These days, people are more likely to open an email than take a phone call. With the proliferation of smartphones — 97 percent of millennials own one — they also have access to their email at all times. Take advantage of this trend by supplementing voice calls with emails.

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