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Combating Spam/Scam Likely: Insights from the Industry

With estimates of 2.3 billion spam and unwanted calls received by consumers in the US each month, the panelists share best practices and insights for combating spam and scam likely in this webinar.

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Safeguarding Against Threats: How Fraud Impacts Your Sales Pipeline

In this webinar, Rich Kahn and Meg Mananian provide insights into the risks of fraud, the implications for marketing campaigns, and how the Anura and Convoso solutions complement each other. They emphasize the impact of fraud on wasted resources, data integrity, and trust with lead sources. They also highlight the importance of accuracy in fraud detection and the negative effects of false positives.

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3 Ways to Diversify Your Sales Approach

In today’s competitive market, relying solely on inbound sales may not be enough. Find out how diversifying your sales approach can drive growth for your business. Watch the highlights from our webinar with Keystone and TruAlliant, “3 Ways to Diversify Your Sales Approach.”

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Ahead of the Curve with Michele Shuster | Q1 2024 Compliance Update

Watch the highlights from the year's first installment of our quarterly webinar series with legal expert Michele Shuster. During the session, we discussed the latest compliance updates, including TCPA and other regulatory agencies, as well as best practices for maintaining your reputation, consumer privacy regulations, and more.

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Ahead of the Curve with Michele Schuster | Q4 Update

In the final installment, compliance expert and attorney Michele Shuster brings us up-to-date on the latest developments in contact center compliance. In this Q4 session, we delve into the FCC's recent ruling and highlight the key insight

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The Revolution of AI in the Outbound Call Center

In this webinar, Convoso and Balto delve into this dynamic landscape of AI within the outbound call center industry, exploring how AI is reshaping the way outbound call centers operate and interact with customers.

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Powerful and Easy-To-Use

Our cloud-based software gives you the most advanced dialer solution for sales and lead generation teams. With an intuitive interface and award winning customer support, it’s easy to get agents onboarded and working productively.
Find out how you can
dramatically boost ROI
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What to do with your third party leads? It could be easier than you think.

With potential rulings coming down the pipeline on third party leads... it is important to ask yourself: What should I be doing? Whether your a lead buyer or seller there are solutions out there to pivot to continue to sell calls, connect with your prospects and more! Convoso's CMO, Lisa Leight, sits down with Travis Prouty of the Call Gurus, and the TCPA Czar himself, Eric Troutman, for a not-so "mini webinar!

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Ahead of the Curve with Michele Shuster: October 2023 Compliance Update

In it's third installment, compliance expert and attorney Michele Shuster gets us up-to-speed on the latest contact center compliance news and updates. In the Q3 session, we cover: latest privacy regulations, state privacy laws, and the latest from the FTC/FCC.

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Sales Lead Optimization 101 with IPQS: Validate Your Leads and Drive More Revenue

Optimizing your sales leads is tough in any industry. And without proper lead validation, fraud can cut into your margins—or, worse, pose risks to your business. In this webinar, Convoso's CMO, Lisa Leight, was joined by our partners at IPQS, a leading provider of fraud prevention and data validation services, to shed light on how business can take action and make the most of their costly sales leads.

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5 Things to Know About Voso.ai

Introducing Voso.ai, conversational AI technology to drive more sales. The Convoso's team gives the latest insights on our exciting new product launch.

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Introducing Convoso’s StateTracker™

Numerous states are coming out with their own “Mini-TCPA” laws with unique restrictions… and hefty fines if you violate those. So… what can you do? Introducing Convoso's StateTracker™, the only campaign management tool on the market that is built to support compliance with the new mini TCPA state laws. Sign up for our 10 minute On Demand webinar to learn more and discover how StateTracker™ can support your business.

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Ahead of the Curve with Michele Shuster: June 2023 Compliance Update

In this regular webinar, compliance expert and attorney Michele Shuster gets us up-to-speed on the latest contact center compliance news and updates to marketing and sales regulations. Topics covered in the Q2 2023 edition of Ahead of the Curve include: the FCC's rulemaking process, proposed changes to DNC compliance, a potential FTC sweep, updates to Medicare marketing guidelines, and more.

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