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Next-generation marketing software that changes it all
Increased Conversions

Innovative tools and system automation help our customers generate a lasting performance boost in conversions.
Increased Contact Rates

Forget 10×1 dial ratios due to poor contact rates; Dial half as many leads while getting the same results. Ask us how.
Increased Flexibility

Provision new agents and phone numbers within seconds! Scale up OR down safely with granular reporting.

Intelligent customer experience optimization

Convoso houses an entire suite of communication applications that are aimed at making the customer experience an efficient and effective one. Convoso’s automation capabilities makes life easier for admins by allowing agents to focus on what really matters: your customers.

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Since we've launched Convoso’s platform, we’ve gained the capital and resources to hire an additional 45 agents, increase contact rates from 40% to 70%, and streamline efficiency from an intuitive and user-friendly platform.

Christopher RobinsonCEO, Ascent Mortgage Resource Group

Convoso's workflow automation maximized lead lists for optimal agent utilization rates and increased our list penetration rate by over 30%. We're contacting about 30% more of our leads than we were before, so it's allowing us to either buy less leads to get the same results or hire more agents to work the surplus of leads we now have.

Billy NessCEO, Bradley Lead Group

Convoso has lowered our wait times between live calls from 30 seconds to 15 seconds and their real time reporting enables us to make necessary changes on the fly to keep performance at peak levels. As a result, we've increased productivity across our customer programs by 26%.

James AndersonCEO, Sales Gen

Relying on the stability and up-time performance of their platform, we’ve been able to grow from just a handful to over 50 agents using Convoso. It has helped us tremendously with managing our inbound calls and accounts.

Anderson SchoenrockCEO, ScanDigital

Our productivity level has dramatically improved. We went from working one campaign at a time to working five or six campaigns at a time, from multiple locations. The growth of Iconic is directly related to Convoso’s abilities to support what we do.

Brett JacobsonVP of Operations, Iconic Partners

They really try to understand all of their different customers. Specifically, what their customers actually do. Whether it’s sales, customer service, what have you. But they really think of how their system can really be the best it can be for all of their different customers.

Jonathan WigandDirector of Lead Generation, University Bound

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