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Conversational AI
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Leveraging the latest in conversational AI technology, we help you engage with more leads and activate higher quality conversations.

Accelerate sales and lead gen revenue through advanced conversational AI solution

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More Conversations

Improve response rates and
reach out to more leads. Support Compliance

Compliance manages opt-outs and
understands when leads ask
not to be contacted.

Routine Tasks

Reduce your CPA by letting
handle repetitive conversations.


Prospects converse as naturally
with Voso as they would with
another human.

Leverage Omnichannel Communications

Engage your leads via SMS
and voice calls.


Improve motivation, strengthen skills,
and lower churn as agents stay focused
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The 5 Things
You Need to Know

More Productive Conversations at a Lower Cost

Improve your results across the board
Agents focus on talking to warm, qualified leads as handles introductions

FAQs will support both Voice, Text, and Omnichannel use-cases. Contact us to learn more.

  • To augment human agents by having the virtual agent perform repetitive low-value tasks such as:

    • Capturing personal contact information

    • Asking qualifying questions

    • Sending SMS messages to thousands of leads to determine the consumer’s interest in the product or service

    • Scheduling appointments, reminders, and follow-up cadences

  • To allow an organization to conduct conversations with consumers 24×7

  • To help organizations decrease human capital costs

  • To help organizations increase contact rates, conversation rates, and operational scale targets a variety of time-consuming, repetitive tasks. With conversational AI for SMS and voice, companies can:

  • Engage with leads quickly
  • Schedule callbacks/appointments
  • Pre-qualify leads
  • Set reminders
  • Re-engage with dropped callers
  • Gather basic information
  • Handle Q&A

Yes. When using conversational AI or “synthetic voice systems” for “Marketing Purposes” (e.g. Outbound Lead Gen), customers MUST adhere to the following requirements (or risk being out of compliance).

  1. Prior express written consent

    1. Customers must acquire express written consent

    2. Consent must include “prerecorded call or artificial voice” language.

  2. On the initial text sent to the lead/contact, the message must include the following disclosures:

    1. Name of individual caller

    2. Name of the Entity on whose behalf the call is made

      • Within 2 seconds after identifying yourself and the name of the business, must include the ability for the recipient to opt out by replying “STOP”

    3. Telephone number (toll free) or address at which the entity may be contacted

*State Rules apply. DISCLAIMER: The information on this page, and related links, is provided for general education purposes only and is not legal advice. Convoso does not guarantee the accuracy or appropriateness of this information to your situation. You are solely responsible for using Convoso’s services in a legally compliant way and should consult your legal counsel for compliance advice. Any quotes are solely the views of the quoted person and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Convoso.

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