Cloud-based Automated Calling Software

Take control of your workflow with multiple dialing modes.

Whether you’re leading an aggressive sales campaign or contacting current clients, Convoso provides you with powerful tools to suit your workflow, including multiple dialing modes. Increase contact rates with dialing strategies and powerful tools.

Multiple Dialing Modes


Predictive dialing increases agent efficiency by automatically adjusting dial speed based on advanced algorithms, resulting in more productive live calls, and fewer dropped calls.


Progressive dialing allows agents a set amount of time to review the prospect’s record before the call is automatically dialed. When a call is finished, the agent clicks to initiate the next lead, again with a set time to review notes on screen.


In preview mode, prospect records are automatically presented to your agents, allowing them time to review notes on the lead before electing to call for a more informed and qualified conversation.


Power dialing automates dialing at a rate you set so that your agents are always on live calls. Often best suited to operations with few agents and a large numbers of leads.

Increase your connection rate with industry-leading answering machine detection.

Get a live person on the phone nearly every time with our answering machine detection technology, allowing your agents to spend less time waiting for phone calls and more time selling.

95% Detection Accuracy

Increase Sales with
95% Voicemail
Detection Accuracy

Easily Manage
Inbound Calls

Use Multiple Dialing
Modes to Suit
Your Workflow

Inbound calls on your terms.

With Convoso, you have powerful and flexible options for inbound calls. Automatically route all calls to your destination of your choice, during the hours of your choice.

Send Calls

- Single Agent or Group of Agents
- Interactive Voice Response System (IVR)
- External Number Outside System

Prioritize Calls

- Inbound over Outbound
- Customizable Ratios

Workflow Dialing

Dynamic Scripting

Local Caller ID

Advanced Features

Reach leads at the right time with automated scheduling and smart triggers. Substantially increase your connection rate. Optimize agent efficiency and reduce agent training time.

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