Health Insurance Sales Success Kit

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We do not include information about how to get your license, partner with a General Agency, or obtain your FFM certification. Most of the resources on this page benefit organizations with multiple professional health insurance agents that want to improve productivity, revenue, and profitability.

Reach and Convert More Policyholders: 5 Key Strategies

For health insurance professionals growing their businesses
with lead generation and omnichannel outreach

Insurance Agents Reach and Convert More Policyholders - 5 Key Strategies​
Insurance Agents Reach and Convert More Policyholders - 5 Key Strategies​

5 Key Strategies to Reach and Convert More Policyholders

For health insurance professionals growing their businesses with lead generation, outbound calling, and omnichannel outreach.


Below you’ll find useful strategies, tips, and tools to help you reach and retain more health insurance and Medicare prospects during open enrollment and throughout the year. You also need reliable technology to consistently make those connections, and make them quicker than your competitors. We cover that too!

Open Enrollment and Medicare Annual Enrollment

The Annual Enrollment Period and Open Enrollment Period seasons are the biggest opportunity of the year for generating revenue. During this critical time, you need to connect with as many potential customers as possible.

Compliance in Health Insurance Sales & Marketing

When selling health insurance, you can’t afford to skimp on compliance. Learn the key things to know to help support compliance with CMS Guidelines and the TCPA.

Increasing Health Insurance Sales Conversations

If you’re not reaching people, especially during open enrollment, you’re wasting opportunities, money, and resources. Here you’ll find tips and strategies to raise the number of connections you make by increasing your contact rates. Reaching prospective policyholders when they’re most interested and before your competitors means boosting your speed to lead with the right strategies and technology.

Dialer Technology for Insurance Sales Success

You can have the best agents, leads, and scripts, but if your dialer solution doesn’t have what it takes to reach those leads quickly and consistently, and to scale while supporting compliance, then you will lose money, agents, and policyholders.

Customer Success Stories in Insurance Sales and Lead Generation

Hear from professionals in the insurance industry how Convoso helped them tackle obstacles to success and dramatically improve results that drive increased profitability.

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