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What is a Power Dialer?

A power dialer is a software solution for outbound call centers that automates the outbound calling process. This critical tool for sales and lead generation teams helps increase call volume. And with the right tools alongside it, power dialing software can increase contact rates and drive more sales.

 A power dialer works by placing multiple calls per agent according to a rate set by the dialer administrator. Once an agent completes a previous call and becomes available, the dialer will automatically dial the next number in a list, eliminating the need for agents to manually dial customers and leads. Administrators can set a dial level to determine how many outbound calls to place per available agent and adjust it throughout the day based on agent availability, drop rates, and other key performance indicators.

Why Use Convoso’s Power Dialer Software?

Convoso’s cloud-based power dialer helps contact centers reach more of their leads—keeping agents in a groove with more consistent conversations and delivering more opportunities to close sales. But with our software, you get so much more than just a dialing mode, you get a powerful platform to help you grow your business:

Improve Dialing Efficiency

Reduce agent downtime and keep them on the phones with efficient power dialing. With no dial level cap on our hosted power dialer, admins can place as many calls per agent as needed.

Protect the Health of Your Phone Numbers

Use our comprehensive caller ID reputation management solution to avoid “Spam Likely” labels, protect your phone numbers’ reputations, and talk to more leads.

Leverage Cutting-Edge Conversational AI

Stay ahead of the curve and expand the capacity of your existing team with conversational AI SMS and voice. Automate routine conversations, drive callbacks, and offer 24/7 inbound availability.

Power Unmatched Speed to Lead

Reach out to your warmest high-intent leads in just seconds rather than minutes or even hours. Make the most out of your costly data with industry-best speed to lead powered by our Dx5 dialer engine.

Seamless Integrate into Your Stack

Thanks to its open API, our software slots right into your existing sales tech stack. Incorporate the power dialer with your CRM of choice to fuel more efficient dialing with all your customer data.

Increase Contact and Conversion Rates

Develop smarter strategies and increase contact rates by up to 300%. Give agents more opportunities and drive better conversion rates with dynamic scripting software and more.

Empower Agent Efficiency

Elevate agent performance with intuitive interfaces, customizable dashboards, and insights from real-time analytics and reporting for data-driven decision-making.

Support Contact Center Compliance

Our power dialer for sales is built with compliance in mind. Support TCPA compliance with dedicated tools and intelligent automation—and navigate state-level restrictions with our purpose-built StateTracker™ tool.

With Convoso, Get a Power Dialer and Partner for Growth

At Convoso, we focus on delivering much more than leading dialer software. We’re invested in your growth as much as our own.

White Glove Customer Service​

Enjoy dedicated support from our award-winning team, and get the most out of the Convoso power dialer—from implementation and onboarding to ongoing customization and optimization.

More Connections

Boost contact rates by up to 3X with innovative dialing technology and skyrocket your team’s revenue.

Profitability and Scale

Make more money while spending less on costly leads. Drive sustainable, scalable outbound sales and lead generation growth with the help of our tools and team.


Powerful solutions are nothing if they’re not secure and reliable. Enjoy maximized uptime to support always-on sales productivity.

Customer-Centric Innovation

We’re always building a better dialer with the help of our valued customers. Stay ahead of the curve on compliance support and use cutting-edge capabilities that solve for your needs.

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Power Dialer Software Frequently Asked Questions

No, power dialers and autodialer software are not illegal. However, organizations must take certain proactive steps to ensure they’re using their dialing system in a compliant manner.

 Automated telephone dialing systems (ATDS) are regulated in the US by the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), rules of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and individual state regulations. The specific rules and regulations vary but, in general, the TCPA prohibits using an ATDS to call consumers who have not provided prior express written consent.

 To maximize dialing productivity while supporting compliance, Convoso recommends working with expert counsel to develop a risk mitigation plan and implement TCPA best practices.

Power dialer software costs can vary significantly based on an organization’s location as well as the pricing model used by the provider. Some cloud-based power dialer vendors charge customers using a subscription model, or on a per-license basis, whose cost can vary greatly based on the software and the features it offers. Convoso offers both prepaid contracts as well as unlimited plans for users of its power dialing software.

Power dialers themselves are never compliant or un-compliant. Instead, TCPA compliance is typically a matter of how dialer software is used, particularly with regard to whether the recipients of calls have provided their prior express written consent to be contacted.

 Convoso designs its particular power dialer software with compliance in mind, with a variety of tools and capabilities integrated to help support compliance with federal and state calling regulations. As always, however, Convoso recommends working with expert counsel to develop a risk mitigation and plan for call center compliance.

Convoso customers frequently see significant increases in their contact rates, conversion rates, and overall productivity when they switch to our dialer software. For example, Insurance Line One, a full-service national insurance agency tripled its contact rate by switching to the Convoso power dialer and, as a result, doubled its agent headcount within a year.

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