Power Dialer Software for Call Center

Place multiple calls per agent

Continuously adjust pace of dialing

Keep agents engaged

Ideal for small contact centers

What is a Power Dialer?

Power dialer software places multiple calls per agent once they become available or complete a previous call. Administrators can set a dial level to determine how many outbound calls to place per available agent, and adjust it throughout the day based on agent availability, drop rates, and other key performance indicators.

An outbound power dialer should be used when express-written consent is not needed, or is already captured, for contact centers with fewer than ten agents. Companies often take advantage of a cloud-based power dialer to avoid the hassle of maintaining the system on-premises.

Why Use a Power Dialer?

Using this dialing mode, contact centers can place many more calls per agent versus preview or progressive dialers, while ensuring their drop rate is below 3% to comply with federal law. The best power dialer software solutions keep agents engaged in more conversations, creating opportunities for more sales, which means conversion rates go up.

Contact centers with 10 or more agents can take advantage of even more efficiencies by using a predictive dialer.

Improve dialing efficiency

Increase conversion rates

Balance efficiency with drop rates

Improve speed
to lead

No dial
level cap

Balance calls
per agent ratio

Lower your

Convoso Power Dialer

Convoso cloud contact center software includes a power dialer that helps organizations reach more leads faster. There is no dial level cap, which allows dialing administrators to place as many calls per agent as is needed to support their business models.

Adjustments can be made throughout the day to keep the ratio of calls per agent in line with business and service level goals. Agents using Convoso’s power dialer can expect to reach significantly more leads per day, reducing your cost-per-acquisition (CPA).

Predictive vs. Power Dialing
Which One Should You Choose?

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