Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) Software:
Conversational AI-Powered SMS & Calling for Sales

Harness the power of AI and have more conversations for less with Convoso’s Intelligent Virtual Agent software. Automate personalized engagement at scale, over voice and text, and set new sales records.

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Drive more sales with Convoso’s intelligent virtual agent solution for SMS and AI-powered calling.

Our advanced virtual agent software,, is a highly trained expert in the art of omnichannel customer engagement. It can reach out to your leads over SMS and call them once they’ve indicated they wish to receive a call. With our automation solution, you can have conversations with more of your prospects—lots more.

Use AI-powered calling and texting to

What is Intelligent Virtual Agent software?

Intelligent virtual agent, or IVA, software uses advanced conversational AI technology to interact with customers and leads. Over voice- and text-based conversations, an IVA like Convoso’s can understand complex input and customer intent then respond with remarkable, life-like fluency to accelerate your sales cycle.

From simple service to sales efficiency
The interpretive skills and intelligence of an advanced IVA software like set it apart from even advanced interactive voice response (IVR) systems. An IVR solution might understand some customer requests and route them to a live agent. However, an IVA system is able to hold more complex conversations, provide excellent service, and even qualify leads.
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Automate to achieve scale
Taking routine and often repetitive conversations off the plates of agents, an intelligent virtual agent can leverage conversational AI to independently schedule callbacks and appointments, send timely reminders, and even pre-qualify leads. And the result for outbound sales and lead gen teams is more productive conversations at a lower cost.

What is Conversational AI for sales?

Much more than just another buzzword, conversational AI is at the core of cutting-edge sales automation tools like IVAs. A subset of artificial intelligence technology, conversational AI solutions are designed specifically to understand, process, and generate language.

In sales, the abilities of conversational AI solutions have incredible potential. Taking over routine conversations, from qualification calls to follow-up texts, conversational AI for sales teams can speed up processes and eliminate tasks—freeing up agents to focus on sales that require a human touch.

Decoding intent to deliver results

Not all AI solutions for sales are created equally. What separates the best AI software for sales from the rest is the ability to understand customer intent.

Even when sales engagements wind up in the same place, they hardly ever sound the same. To stay ahead in a sales conversation, an agent, live or virtual, needs to be able to understand not just the content but the intent of a customer’s response. That is, not just the words themselves but what’s behind them.

Run-of-the-mill chatbots may be coded to understand simple conversational pathways. But an AI software for sales like uses cutting-edge natural language understanding (NLU) capabilities to understand the intent behind a multitude of possible responses, in text and over the phone.

This advanced understanding helps it determine how to respond and keep the conversation moving seamlessly toward a positive result: an appointment, a callback, a quote, you name it.

Automate conversations—and convert—at scale with AI SMS and voice

Gone are the days of clunky chatbots is an intelligent, flexible conversational AI solution designed with the needs of today’s sales and lead generation operations in mind. Add our intelligent virtual agent to your team and gain a highly trained expert in the art of omnichannel customer engagement. In the channels of your lead’s choice, determines intent and generates a fluent response.

AI SMS software for sales

With AI-powered SMS, get the engagement rates of two-way texting without taking up more of your agents’ time. Send automated texts and engage with customers on their terms. Customers can respond in everyday language to drive inbound calls, schedule convenient callbacks, set appointments, receive reminders, and much more.

AI Calling software for sales

Re-engage leads and send more qualified, ready-to-close prospects to your sales agents after they request a call with outbound AI calling. Make the most of your agent’s time and improve conversion rates with AI-driven outbound calling. Let an intelligent virtual agent filter out your unqualified leads in advance, letting live agents focus on the warmer leads that matter most.

More Productive Conversations at a Lower Cost

Here’s what can do for you:

  • Confirm interest in a product or service
  • Schedule appointments and callbacks
  • Send reminders
  • Confirm availability
  • Pre-qualify leads
  • Gather basic information
  • Follow up on previous attempts
  • Answer basic questions

Learn more about Conversational AI for sales

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Intelligent Virtual Agent software FAQs

In some contexts, virtual agent is used as an umbrella term to refer to any artificial intelligence-based program able to communicate with humans via text or voice. This might include both chatbots and virtual assistants. However, increasingly, “virtual agent” is associated with intelligent virtual agents, or IVAs, which represent the next generation of significantly more advanced AI solutions for sales, lead generation, and customer service.

Sometimes, you may also hear “virtual agent” or “virtual call center agent” used to refer to agents who work in a virtual or remote-based call center.

Virtual assistant may refer to remote-based employees who serve as administrative, personal, or executive assistants within an organization. It may also refer to a specific type of digital assistant technology found on personal computers, smartphones, and other devices such as Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa.

While both chatbots and virtual agent software may rely on some of the same technology, virtual agents are significantly more sophisticated than chatbots. Chatbots are typically designed to handle specific tasks and respond only to specific queries. IVAs, on the other hand, can understand the intent of a much, much wider range of language, learn from previous interactions, and ultimately deliver more personalized responses.

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