Resources for Solar Sales and Solar Lead Generation Success

With the renewable energy in the national (and global) spotlight, it’s an exciting time to be in the solar business. Still, high competition and issues like call flagging and blocking create unique challenges for call centers striving to reach more prospects and increase solar sales. 

What is solar lead generation?

Solar lead generation for consumer solar sales involves multiple tactics to attract, nurture, and qualify prospects interested in buying and installing solar panels, with the intention of either selling qualified leads, or setting an appointment for a solar sales professional to visit the home, and ultimately to convert them into customers. 

How to generate leads for solar sales in your call center

When it comes to generating, qualifying, and converting those leads, the outbound solar call center play a pivotal role. There are many moving parts and improvements can be made at every level, from your solar marketing tech stack, to solar scripts, to data analytics that help boost manager and agent effectiveness and productivity. Explore the solar sales and outbound lead generation resources we’ve compiled below to find expert advice on generating leads and closing sales.

David Stodolak, President of Solar Marketing Direct, gives tips and insights on how to increase solar sales.

Solar Sales and Lead Gen Resources – Articles and OnDemand Webinars

Solar Sales and Lead Gen Articles

The articles below include guest posts from solar call center success expert Heather Griffin on solar call scripts and overcoming the unique challenges of solar sales and lead generation. Additional articles cover the solar buyer’s journey and strategies for increasing contact rates for calls to solar prospects.

Crafting Solar Cold Calling Scripts that Convert

Solar Cold Call Scripts that Work

Get insights from industry veteran Heather Griffin on how to craft solar cold calling scripts that convert leads into sales.

How to Overcome Solar Sales Challenges to Convert More Leads

The industry presents unique obstacles for outbound solar sales and lead generation teams. Get advice on how to overcome solar sales challenges like a narrow customer pool, fast-changing regulations, and coordinating dialing strategies with on-the-ground sales teams.

Win Solar Lead Gen by Contacting More and Converting Faster.

Win Solar Lead Gen by Contacting More and Converting Faster

Boosting your contact rate is one of the best ways to beat out your competition. Dive into this article that covers strategies for increasing connections and converting leads faster, so that you can win in solar lead gen.

4 Steps of the Solar Buyer’s Journey.

4 Steps of the Solar Buyer’s Journey

To generate solar leads and convert them, you need to take a targeted approach that’s based on real buyers’ paths to purchase. Find out how you can successfully market to each of the four stages on that path in this guide to the solar buyer’s journey

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Get the story:  Clean energy SaaS company Dvinci helps solar businesses generate more revenue by leveraging Convoso dialer to drive growth.

Solar Sales and Lead Gen Webinars

Watch these webinars or read the recaps to find best practices for solar sales and lead gen that will help you reach more potential customers while navigating compliance issues.

Improve Home Services and Solar Call Center Contact and Conversion Rates by 30%

Why are your calls not getting through? Between rampant call blocking and regulations like STIR/SHAKEN, there are a lot of reasons why solar call centers’ outbound calls might not be getting through. In this webinar developed specifically for home services and solar lead gen teams, Convoso and our partners at Dvinci and Balto offer a number of tips to help you reach more solar leads and unlock new efficiencies.   Webinar video: Webinar with Convoso, Dvinci and Balto

How to Gain More Customers in Home Services and Solar

Get new strategies in this jam packed 30-minute webinar to help you increase contact rates for home services and solar sales and lead generation campaigns.  Learn why your calls are not getting through and solutions to prevent call blocking & spam using consent based marketing to contact the right leads at the right time. Webinar video: Webinar with ActiveProspect and Convoso

The Best Solar Tech Stack Needs a Powerful Solar Dialer

A Solar Dialer to Convert Leads Faster

Convoso’s cloud-based solar dialer gives lead gen and sales teams a powerful software solution to dramatically increase contact rates, automate workflows, and maximize profitability—all while maintaining compliance. Learn more about how our dialer software can help you achieve solar sales success.

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