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We have the same exact data, pretty much the same agents – nothing has changed really except for the dialer. And our sales have gone up just about a third… My team is making more money than they ever have, bonusing, and everybody’s happy. It’s fantastic to see.

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A Few Frequently Asked Questions

How does Convoso help with spam-likely and calls blocked by carriers?

Our Caller ID Reputation Management employs smart dialing strategies backed by powerful tools such as our tracking feature ClearCallerID to alert managers to DID issues.

Does Convoso help my outbound campaigns stay compliant?

Compliance for our customers is Convoso’s top priority. We take an active leadership role around compliance in our industry. We support our customers with best practices, the latest tools and strategies, and keeping up-to-date with evolving state and federal regulations, including the TCPA and STIR/SHAKEN.

Will Convoso increase my outbound call center’s contact rate?

When companies switch to Convoso, they consistently report up to 3X boost in contact rates. It’s not one thing that drives improvement, but the comprehensive dialer system with its suite of smart tools and proven strategies.

Can Convoso provide an A-level attestation for STIR/SHAKEN?

Yes. Convoso has consistently stayed on top of the latest changes to this regulation that went into effect July 2021, and has had a huge impact on the outbound sales and lead generation industry.

Does Convoso have a predictive dialer?

Yes. Our predictive dialing software is one of the fastest available for sales and lead gen teams. High volume call centers can scale campaigns and accelerate agent efficiency by increasing talk time and decreasing wait time.

What kind of reporting capabilities do you have?

With Convoso’s extensive data analytics, you can quickly gather deep insights into the performance of lists, leads, and agents. Managers use our real time reporting to monitor activities and make strategic decisions throughout the day based KPIs set up in their customizable dashboards.

We don’t just improve
productivity for outbound
call centers.

Convoso delivers strong compliance support with the latest tools, up-to-date best practices, and STIR/SHAKEN readiness.

We do it with
compliance in mind.