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What is an Auto Dialer Software?

An auto dialer software is an outbound calling solution that’s designed to accelerate the process of making outbound calls. Typically used in outbound contact centers to dial leads, auto dialer software can not only increase the number of total calls made per agent but also increase the number of conversations they have with prospects.

Ultimate 4-in-1 Auto Dialer Software to
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Convoso’s auto dialer software offers power alongside versatility, with four distinct dialing modes—each tailored to suit your unique campaign needs and improve contact rates. Whether you’re leading an aggressive sales campaign or contacting current clients, Convoso pairs the perfect dialing mode with all the tools you need to optimize your workflow.

Predictive Dialer

Our predictive dialer is the powerhouse you need to drive your high-volume campaigns. A predictive dialer takes the guesswork out of enterprise-scale dialing, using advanced algorithms to dial multiple numbers simultaneously and skillfully predict when an agent will be available. This allows large sales and lead generation teams to dial at the maximum rate while only connecting agents with live leads and customers.

The predictive dialing mode is particularly beneficial for teams who are focused on maximizing their talk time. By minimizing idle time, it enables agents to connect with more potential customers, enhancing productivity and efficiency in environments where high call volume—and high contact rates—are essential.

Power Dialer

Convoso’s power dialer strikes a balance between speed and personalization. Dialing numbers from a list, the power dialer works at a pre-set pace determined by the team’s needs and set manually.

The power dialing mode is ideal for teams that need to maintain a steady (and sometimes rapid) pace of dialing but also wish to retain manual control over the dialing rate. Convoso’s power dialer enables teams to reach out to a considerable number of contacts efficiently, while still providing admins the ability to customize dialing rates and manage both outreach quantity and quality.

Progressive Dialer

The progressive dialer is designed for precision and paced outreach. It methodically dials the next contact once an agent completes a call, ensuring a smooth and manageable workflow by keeping the call-to-agent ratio at 1:1.

This dialer mode is especially useful for campaigns where detailed, personalized customer interactions are crucial. Teams engaged in intricate sales processes or in-depth customer service inquiries find this mode beneficial, as it allows for quality communication with each call, maintaining a balance between efficiency and personalized service.

Preview Dialer

Preview dialer software shifts the balance even more heavily toward pre-call preparation and personalization. Slowing down the dialing pace further, the preview dialing mode allows agents to view detailed customer information before choosing to manually place the call when they are ready.

This mode is invaluable for complex sales scenarios or services where reviewing in-depth data on the lead or client significantly enhances the quality of the interaction. Teams that deal with intricate products, services, or client relationships will find this dialer mode especially advantageous as it enables them to prepare and tailor their communication strategy for each call, while still leveraging the automation, lead prioritization, and suite of tools offered by Convoso’s state-of-the-art dialing platform.

Automated Outbound Call Center Software with Everything You Need for Profitability

A dialer that delivers efficient outbound calling and unmatched speed to lead is critical. But Convoso’s auto dialer software also delivers a suite of powerful tools designed to maximize efficiency and results.

Empower Improved Agent Performance

Streamline tasks with an intuitive, user-friendly interface and intelligent automation. Support quality conversations and accelerate training with dynamic scripting software.

Uncover Key

Monitor and enhance productivity with in-depth, real-time call center analytics and automated historical reports. Use productivity insights to fuel sales momentum with skill-based routing.

Dial Smarter, Not Just Harder

Develop tailored, omnichannel outreach strategies with workflow automation software, and reach more of your customers with comprehensive caller ID reputation management tools.

Navigate Compliance Complexity

Use automation and tools to support compliance with the ever-changing TCPA and state calling restrictions. Convoso software is designed with performance and compliance in mind.

Automate Conversations at Scale

Harness the power of cutting-edge conversational AI SMS and voice to handle routine conversations at scale, increase callbacks, and empower your agents to focus on closing sales.

How Does an Auto Dialer Work?

An auto dialer places calls automatically from a database of contacts, with the goal of connecting agents with more prospects or customers. Automated outbound call software like Convoso’s may place these calls in a variety of ways, according to the dialing mode selected by the user for a given campaign. This flexibility allows outbound call centers to maintain a certain level of dialing productivity with the help of automation, while still tailoring the approach based on agent needs and compliance considerations.

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Are Auto Dialers Illegal?

Auto dialers are legal, but their use is regulated under telemarketing-related laws like the TCPA in the USA. Convoso’s software is designed with compliance in mind, helping your call center operate within compliance guidelines while maximizing outreach effectiveness.

Auto Dialer Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of an auto dialer software can vary significantly based on an organization’s location as well as the pricing model used by the provider. Some cloud-based dialer providers charge customers using a subscription model or on a per-license basis. The costs of these plans can also vary greatly based on the nature of the software and the features offered. Convoso offers both prepaid, time-based contracts as well as plans with unlimited minutes.

Auto dialer refers to the software solution that leverages automation to place outbound calls in various ways. “Robocall,” on the other hand, typically refers to a call that is not only placed automatically but also uses a prerecorded message. There are legal, legitimate, and effective uses for robocalls, however, the term is frequently used to refer to scam or spam calls made by fraudsters. Meanwhile, auto dialers can play an important role in helping sales and marketing teams reach customers and leads who have expressed interest in their offerings more efficiently and profitably.

Auto dialer software is regulated by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and various state regulations in the US. Under the TCPA, obtaining prior express written consent from the consumer is required to utilize an “automatic telephone dialing system” (ATDS) when calling a consumer’s cellphone or, in many cases, landline phone. Even when not required by law, Convoso recommends always obtaining consent to call as part of a more effective consent-based marketing strategy.

Not all auto dialer software integrates, or integrates easily, with CRM systems. However, Convoso’s auto dialer software utilizes an open API to facilitate seamless integration with commonly used third-party applications, including CRM software such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, and more. Convoso is designed to play an integral role in powering your sales tech stack.

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