Auto Dialer Software for Call Centers and Sales Teams

Powerful auto dialer software for your outbound calls.

Whether you’re leading an aggressive sales campaign or contacting current clients, Convoso has the powerful tools to drive your workflow. Choose from multiple dialing modes: Power Dialing. Predictive Dialing. Preview Dialing. Progressive Dialing.

Power Dialer

Increase contact rate with a static dial level and serious power.

The Power Dialer chooses new contacts as soon as the previous call ends. Increase contact rates and reduce wait time without compromising your drop rating.

Predictive Dialer

Convoso Predictive Dialing uses smart algorithms to select agents and dial numbers in advance.

It’s power dialing with scaling capabilities to adjust the total number of outbound dials up and down based on available agents and dropped/abandoned rating. Increase contact rates and reduce wait time.

Preview Dialer

Agents review lead information before manually triggering the dialer. Build and track lead nurturing schemes or complex buying cycles.

Add a personal touch to your calls, and make better connections with potential customers.

Progressive Dialer

Keep your dial rate high while customizing each call to individual leads.

Similar to preview dialing, agents review lead information ahead of the call, but with progressive dialing, the calls are automatically dialed after a set number of seconds/minutes.

Need auto dialer software that
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Dedicated Product Expert

Our hands-on approach ensures you're getting the most out of the Convoso solution.

Contact Rate

Most customers boost contact rates by at least 30% with Convoso's innovative technology.

3rd Party Integrations

Open API makes it easy to integrate 3rd party apps with our powerful software.


Our monthly contracts are designed to help you make money not lose it.


Powerful, secure cloud-based solutions with maximized up-time.

Intuitive Automated Software

Streamline workflows and manage leads, reporting, agents, and more in one end-to-end platform.

I always say that you’re only as good as your team. And I feel like Convoso is, in essence, a critical part of our team. You need a good dialer, you need good lead vendors. Everything together – the team, the dialer, the lead vendors – makes everything good.

- Tiffanie Gonzalez, Top Healthcare Options

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