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For years, Convoso customers with at-home agents have been driving profits with our flexible cloud-based software and the support of our superior customer success team. All capabilities of a traditional call center model are available to virtual call center operations. With the right tools, you can excel.

Productive Work From Home Call Center Agents

Customer success with virtual call centers

Our Customer Success Team works diligently to assist companies with optimal configuration of their Convoso virtual dialer. Our tools help maximize remote management efficiency, including dynamic real-time reports and performance analytics. Our customers run with it.

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Our lead to transfer rate has increased steadily since starting with Convoso three months ago from 2% to 8%. When you’re talking about hundreds of thousands of leads, that’s a huge increase.

Tom Carolan

Founder/Owner, Digital Market Media

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These 30-minute webinars offer distilled expert guidance to inform and inspire you with tips on improving management of your remote call center.
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Tools to effectively manage at-home agents

Effectively manage your work from home agents with features that help you communicate, hold them accountable, and encourage engagement. Convoso’s Dynamic Scripting expedites onboarding and training, while lowering costs. Understand where agent time is spent with the Agent Monitor and Reports. Send broadcast messages to the whole team, or chat with individual agents. Listen in on calls and whisper guidance when needed.

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Convoso Reporting Dashboard

Powerful real-time metrics & customizable dashboards

Get immediate insight throughout the day into the performance of your remote team and individual at-home agents. Deep visibility into list performance helps to guide your decisions about which lists are profitable. Customize your dashboard to prioritize the KPIs critical to your success.

Virtual Call Center Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual call center is simply a call center operation whose employees are spread across multiple locations. Virtual call center agents and managers may work remotely 100% of the time, or their business may encompass a mix of on-site and WFH employees. In either case, cloud-based dialer software is the glue that binds all the distributed workers at an outbound virtual call center together.

Call center software is a solution capable of managing and initiating phone, email, text, and other channels of customer communications. Contact center software may provide inbound or outbound functionality, or both as part of a blended call center.

Technically, all you need to start a virtual call center are agents with a reliable internet connection, a computer, and a cloud-based dialer software like Convoso. To help you set up and manage a successful virtual call center, Convoso offers a range of agent management solutions, powerful call center reporting tools, and many other features.

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Cloud contact center software resides on a vendor’s server and is accessible via a web browser or web-based application. To access cloud software, one only needs a computer and an internet connection. On-premise software is installed locally on a business’s computers and servers. While on-premise call center software previously dominated, cloud-based options have become the norm in the 21st century. This trend has only continued recently with the growth of the remote or virtual call center, which requires the use of a cloud-based contact center software.

Easily transition to a virtual or hybrid call center

Convoso customers that have moved from a traditional office model to remote operations have reported great success. Setting up agents to work from home requires minimal time and expense.

Productive Work From Home Call Center Agents
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