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The Power of Speed and Automation

Your sales and lead generation teams will reach more leads faster and make more money with Convoso’s outbound contact center solution, powered by our proprietary DX5 dialer engine. 

With smart outreach strategies like automating lead follow-up across voice, text, and email, you’ll dramatically increase contact rates and boost performance efficiency across your contact center to deliver a stronger ROI.

Managers use our intelligent real-time reporting to analyze list performance and agent productivity and make critical decisions that improve profitability.

Meet Our Powerful Team of Tools

The 3 Key Efficiencies of an outbound contact center work as a team to drive call center profitability.

Lead Efficiency

Recycle / Redial Logic

Unlike other dialers, Convoso lets you set a custom redial attempt schedule with different gaps in time between redial attempts and based on the outcome of the call.

Robust Lead Management

Store, manage, and convert all of your leads in one single platform. Lead drips automatically manage lead movement from list to list and campaign to campaign. Identify promising leads and add them to targeted campaigns.

Real-time Insights into List ROI

Real time analytics show how your lists are performing. Now you can focus your resources only on those lists that are converting. Give your agents the best data to convert more leads faster.

Lead Follow-up Automation

Automate a schedule of communication at pre-determined intervals using multiple channels to increase contact rates and drive more inbound calls.

Customized Voicemail Drops

Automatically leave a series of personalized pre-recorded messages on voicemails based on relevant data, timing and contact history.

Tier 1 Telco Carriers

Achieve high connection rates with our exclusive use of top quality carriers — calls with valid numbers will be completed.

Caller ID Reputation Mgmt

We always gives clean, reputable caller IDs for your new and existing calling campaigns. We help implement effective strategies to dial responsibly so your caller IDs are less likely to get flagged.

Automate Dial Level Scheduling

Dial leads more effectively by scheduling your dial level with our easy, intuitive interface. Our power and predictive dialing systems automatically adapt throughout the day, raising and lowering dial level to maximize successful calls and lower your dropped call rate.

Follow-the-Sun Dialing

Contact leads at the time of day when they’ll be most responsive. Support compliance with TCPA and local telemarketing regulations with schedules customized for each state.

Agent Efficiency

Dynamic Guided Scripting

Reduce training time and streamline calls by customizing your scripts to automatically navigate agents through the conversation with personalized responses based on available data. Improve accuracy and conversions in transfers and sales.

Quick Disposition Functionality

Streamlining processes saves agent time and tedious effort so they can move quickly to the next call. Quick Dispo slashes wrap-up time by combining multiple functions into one click.

Superior Answering Machine Detection

Achieve greater accuracy in detecting voicemails so your agents aren’t wasting time on false negatives.

State / Skill-based Routing

Automatically route leads to agents according to state, language, demographics, or whatever criteria you need. Stay in compliance with state calling restrictions.

Broadcast Messaging

Create a positive environment for the team and motivate individual agents by sending out messages. Shoutouts, incentives, goals, policy reminders, etc.

Listen & Whisper

Guide agents to more conversions, handle escalations, coach new hires. Admins can listen in on calls, whisper guidance to agents, and jump in on conversations if needed.

Manager Efficiency

Dedicated Product Expert

Your assigned Customer Success Manager acts as your personal coach not only during onboarding, but whenever you need guidance to get the most out of Convoso’s dialer. Optimize your configuration with the help of our success team.

Powerful Reporting

Get intelligent insights into the performance of your agents, your dialer, and your leads. Build and manage campaigns with real-time and historical reports to inform your strategy. You can’t improve it if you don’t measure it.

Real-Time ROI by Lead Source

Make sure the right agents are focused on the right leads by analyzing your data with the right metrics. Quickly access the status of leads, list quality, and list sources. Try the Status Lead Penetration Report.

Power of Automation

Save time and money by streamlining call center processes. Automate tasks for your agents, your dialer, and your analytics. By automating delivery of reports, you’ll save time daily gathering analytics.

Highly Customizable Dashboards

Set up your dashboard to track KPIs critical for your call center. Pull data from all your reports and campaigns. Customize colors, design, and size.

Agent Monitor Screen

Monitor agent status and productivity. View vital campaign information such as dial level, drop rating, number of dialable leads, number of agents currently logged in, and where agent time is being lost.

Increase Profitability by Knowing Your True CPA

Determine your true cost per acquisition by pulling in total costs of agents, leads, and dialer into one report. Include revenue and you have a profit/loss statement for your lists to see which lists are profitable. Try the List Conversion Report.

Additional Features
that drive call center ROI

Multiple Dialing Modes

Predictive. Power. Preview. Smart algorithms select agents and dial numbers to maintain a calling rhythm. Reduce wait time, without compromising your drop rating. Build and track lead nurturing schemes or complex buying cycles.

TCPA Compliance Tools

We help you stay in compliance with effective dialing strategies, reputable caller IDs, and top tier telco companies. From call time rules to recordings and logs, our tools ensure compliance with TCPA guidelines across all communications channels.

Local Caller IDs

Our localization tool can increase your connection rate by up to 40%. Your agents can make more calls, speak for longer, and reach more people. Be local from anywhere.

Real-Time Automated Agent QA

Increase productivity with greater accountability by managing agent breaks. Approve or deny break time requests. Pre-set auto-approved times [eg, frequency and duration].

Multi-Campaign Login

Sell multiple products and use multiple scripts without ever losing track. Reduce agent downtime by dialing multiple leads at once, then connect agents when the right prospect comes in.

Versatile Call Center Reporting Tools

Quickly find out which lists, lead sources and agents are performing—and which aren’t. A wide range of filters lets you easily set the reporting criteria to get the information that you need.

Analyze Data


Filter Data Points

Which of your lists are performing and which are not? Easily find out by comparing and sorting all of your lists based on success rate.
Your leads are valuable assets. View all their information at a glance, filtered by status, campaign, list, and user.
An effective campaign begins with reaching your leads. Quickly see how many of your calls are making contact and how many are missing the target.
Create your own reports to suite your operation’s needs. Filter reports and drill down based a variety of variables, from call type to dispositions.
Are your agents experiencing too much down time? Track call counts by agent and adjust workflows accordingly to increase productivity.
Running reports manually wastes valuable time. Increase efficiency by scheduling reports to be run and emailed automatically at a specific time — hourly, daily or weekly.

Cloud Contact Center Software Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud-based contact center software is a solution capable of managing and initiating phone, email, text, and other channels of customer communications. Contact center software may provide inbound or outbound functionality, or both as part of a blended call center.

Contact center software is widely used, by businesses of virtually all sizes, and in virtually every industry. Contact center software powers the majority of call/contact centers around the world, and is an important center for delivering customer support as well as driving lead generation and sales efforts.

Call center software should be selected based on the needs and goals of your particular call center. If your contact center places any focus on outbound sales and lead generation, it’s important that you opt for a software that provides a powerful dialer.

Cloud contact center software resides on a vendor’s server and is accessible via a web browser or web-based application. To access cloud software, one only needs a computer and an internet connection. On-premise software is installed locally on a business’s computers and servers. While on-premise call center software previously dominated, cloud-based options have become the norm in the 21st century. This trend has only continued recently with the growth of the remote or virtual call center, which requires the use of a cloud-based contact center software.

Powerful 3rd-Party Integrations

Our open API (restful API) makes it easy for you to integrate with any major 3rd party applications such
as Jornaya, Balto, LeadsPedia, ActiveProspect, Boberdoo, SalesForce and many more.

Active Prospect Logo
Blue Ink Digital
Campaign Registry - Better Messaging
Contact Center Compliance (DNC.com)
DebtPay Pro
Google Maps
Jornaya - The Power of Intent
Microsoft Dynamics
Retreaver: Tag, Track, Route
Sugar CRM

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