Overview On Our Hosted Dialer Solutions

Create behavior-based workflow rules to customize your approach to individual leads,
from determining and scheduling next steps to choosing a communication channel.

Unleash the power of communication to
engage prospects & establish rapport.

Lead Follow-up Automation

Create a pre-defined schedule which will automatically decide when to place an outbound call or send non-voice communication such as a text message, email, or ringless voicemail with personalized details that drive more inbound calls. Outreach continues over selected channels until conversion or for as many days as you set.

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Customizable Email templates allow you to reach out to customers or prospects immediately. Once opened, a call can be instantly initiated.

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Ringless Voicemail Drops

Reach thousands of people in a matter of minutes by way of a non-intrusive message inserted directly into a voicemail server.

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Virtual Agent

With a personalized, real human voice recording, our AI technology prequalifies leads while you reduce payroll costs.

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A variety of dialing modes — predictive, preview, progressive — and inbound calling capabilities provide the flexibility to streamline your operations.

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Text messages deliver a 98% open rate. Supplement voice calls or emails with an automated text or use an SMS campaign.

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Make interactions more human by adapting
to changes along the customer journey.

How it works

Smart Triggers

Built in Smart Triggers watch and respond to specific pre-defined actions, like automatically initiating a phone call after an email is opened, or adding dispositions that automatically trigger less or more aggressive workflows.

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Trigger Events

Set up custom actions if certain events occur.

Trigger Actions

Create a set of occurrences when an action is taken.

Schedule Workflow

Customize the timing of your workflow by time, time zone, or days.

Dynamic reports allow your team to stay in the know
& maximize the effectiveness of campaigns.

Versatile Reporting Tools

Quickly find out which lists, lead sources and agents are performing—and which aren’t. A wide range of filters lets you easily set the reporting criteria to get the information that you need.

Analyze Data


Filter Data Points

Conversion Reports

Which of your lists are performing and which are not? Easily find out by comparing and sorting all of your lists based on success rate.

Contact Rate Reports

An effective campaign begins with reaching your leads. Quickly see how many of your calls are making contact and how many are missing the target.

Agent Calls

Are your agents experiencing too much down time? Track call counts by agent and adjust workflows accordingly to increase productivity.

Lead Reports

Your leads are valuable assets. View all their information at a glance, filtered by status, campaign, list, and user.

Custom Reports

Create your own reports to suite your operation’s needs. Filter reports and drill down based a variety of variables, from call type to dispositions.

Scheduled Reports

Running reports manually wastes valuable time. Increase efficiency by scheduling reports to be run and emailed automatically at a specific time — hourly, daily or weekly.

Enhanced Built-in Tools.

Advanced Features

Convoso empowers you with features that allow you to carefully control every step of the customer journey. Strategically redial your leads automatically at different times of the day, dial with multiple local numbers as your caller ID, or be notified when your caller IDs get flagged all in order to increase connection rates. And much, much more.

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Dynamic Scripting

Reduce the need for agent training and increase sales with scripts that adapt based on customer responses.

Workflow Dialing

Increase the chances of reaching your leads on the next attempt by scheduling redials for different times.

Robust Lead Management

Automatically move leads in the built-in CRM based on a number of criteria, increasing efficiency and saving your admins valuable time.

Local Caller ID

Increases contact rates by displaying a local number to the party being called, and decreases the number of dial attempts while staying compliant.

Multi-Campaign Login

Increase efficiency and decrease idle time with agents logged in and working on multiple campaigns at once.

Customizable Dashboards

Admins can update color, design, and size; while showcasing customizable widgets to pull data from all of the reports and campaigns.

Caller ID Reputation Management

Raise your connection rate by maintaining clean phone numbers that have not been reported as spam.

Multiple Dialing Modes

Predictive, power, and progressive dialing deliver robust capabilities to empower agents and optimize your workflow.

TCPA Compliance Tools

From call time rules to recordings and logs, our tools ensure compliance with TCPA guidelines across all communications channels.

Powerful 3rd-Party Integrations.

Our open API (restful API) makes it easy for you to integrate with any major 3rd party
applications such as Google Maps, Boberdoo, LEADSpedia, DebtPayPro, Jornaya, and many more!

Think of Convoso as an extension of your team.

We provide a hands-on approach to get you up-and-running in no time.