Maintain a Consistent Pace of
Dialing with a Progressive Dialer

What is a Progressive Dialer?

A progressive dialer is used to maintain a consistent pace of dialing and minimize the number of dropped calls by placing one call per agent at a time. Progressive dialer software allows agents to review information about a record prior to dialing for a limited timeframe. Calls are initiated by agents clicking to dial or when the predetermined timeframe to review the record runs out.

Outbound progressive dialers ensure that agents do not spend too much time reviewing each lead in order to boost efficiency and reach leads quicker. Since calls can be placed automatically using a progressive dialer, Convoso recommends obtaining express-written consent from leads prior to using this dialing type.

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Progressive Dialer Frequently Asked Questions

A progressive dialer leverages autodialer software to help call center agents maintain a consistent pace of dialing. Rather than manually select a customer, input their number, and initiate the call, an autodialer automatically presents agents with the next customer in a company’s list. Typically, the call to this next customer will automatically be initiated after a set period of time. Progressive dialing is a common use of call center automation that can increase agent productivity and efficiency by shortening the amount of time between calls, as well as the amount of repetitive, manual input required to dial customers

Rather than limit the number of initiated calls to the number of available agents, a predictive dialer automatically makes multiple calls per agent and uses artificial intelligence to “predict” when an agent will be available. Agents will only be connected to a call when a live person answers the call. 

Similar to preview dialing, the progressive dialing mode offers agents time to review customer data before speaking with them. This makes it an ideal solution for dealing with existing customers, and sensitive or complex cases. However, because progressive dialing limits the agent’s review time, it can still be used in situations where a higher dialing rate or call volume is required when compared with preview dialing.

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