The Quickest and Most Accurate Answering Machine Detection

Gold Standard Answering Machine Detection

How many more sales could your agents close if your dialer could detect up to 97% of answering machines?

With Convoso’s highly customizable and state-of-the-art answering machine detection technology, your agents will be spending more time talking to customers and selling.

Plus, leads that answer the phone are connected with a live agent in as little as half a second to help prevent leads from hanging up the call before speaking to an agent.

Up to 97% Accuracy

Boost Contact and Conversion Rates

Improve Agent Engagement

Highly Customizable

“One of the big issues that we had with Five9, and then VICIdial as well, was the answering machine detection. It was very inaccurate. Our agents were spending about 70% of their day coding answering machines. It was very, very unproductive…Now, my agents see a major difference in Convoso over any other dialer we've used.”

– Jesse Daniels, VP Sales, One Health Direct

Convoso’s AMD Offers Unmatched Precision

Convoso analyzed billions of calls to fine tune our answering machine detection solution, so your agents can spend more time having real conversations on live calls.

This powerful tool allows contact centers to customize how calls are classified down to the millisecond and identify answering machines without a SIT tone or carrier recording.

When a live person picks up the phone, you can customize the background audio that is played while Convoso quickly routes the customer to an agent. If a voicemail is detected, leave a custom message or take advantage of Convoso’s advanced lead redial logic.

Billions of Calls Analyzed

Advanced Detection Capabilities

Customizable Background Noise

Automatically Leave Messages

Prioritize False Negatives or False Positives

Many contact centers prefer to prioritize false negatives or false positives based on the types of leads they are dialing.

For example, If you’ve got expensive or high quality leads, you can tune Convoso AMD settings to allow more false negatives, so agents miss fewer chances to speak to live prospects. You may be willing to accept more false positives for lower quality leads to maximize efficiency.

AMD false positives are calls that are answered by live prospects that are mistakenly identified as answering machines. AMD false negatives occur when the software identifies an answering machine as a live individual and connects the call to an agent

“Our agents were delighted by how few false negatives were routed to them. We improved our answering machine detection rate to 97%, and are connecting calls to agents in about half a second, which is 4 times quicker than before.”

- Dialing Manager, Financial Services Call Center

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