Industry Leading Answering Machine Detection Accuracy

Your agents should be talking to people...not answering machines.

Quit wasting agent time with unproductive outbound calls that end up as voicemails instead of calls answered by a human. Improve contact rates with 90% answering machine detection accuracy. Get industry leading success rates that minimize false positives.

The advanced algorithms of our answering machine detection (AMD) capabilities have been fine-tuned from years of analysis and billions of calls. Our dialer quickly determines if an answered call is a human voice or actually voicemail, and then screens it out so your agents spend time having real conversations on live calls.

Accurately detect
answering machines

Improve Agent Morale

Boost contact and
conversion rates

Minimize false

“One of the big issues that we had with Five9, and then VICIdial as well, was the answering machine detection. It was very inaccurate. Our agents were spending about 70% of their day coding answering machines. It was very, very unproductive…Now, my agents see a major difference in Convoso over any other dialer we've used.”

– Jesse Daniels, VP Sales, One Health Direct

Prevent flagging
of your DIDs

Increase conversations
with clean caller IDs

A positive caller ID
reputation for
better contact rates

Our dialing software effectively detects answering machines and voicemails, which improves outbound call center contact rates. Ideally though, the prospect will answer the phone before it goes to voicemail. And that's when a positive caller ID reputation helps makes an impact on your contact rates. Your agents will get more leads on the line if the incoming call isn't flagged as spam.

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