Powerful Insurance Dialer to Connect More Prospects with Sales & Lead Generation Teams

Thriving in a competitive insurance market.

Our powerful insurance dialer includes a suite of software tools to help sales and lead generation teams connect more quickly with the right prospects, and smoothly transfer or convert that lead to a policyholder.

The U.S. insurance industry annually writes over a trillion dollars in premiums. To rise above the competition, increase your conversations via automated redial workflows, improved caller ID reputation, and by communicating at the right time with the right channel via calls, emails, and SMS. Save agent time with streamlined processes and connect with more qualified leads.

Convoso customers report dramatic increases of 30% to 300% in contact rates. Our highly accurate answering machine detection is one exceptional feature that enables more conversations for agents and less wasted time.

Predictive Dialer automatically routes by state. Compliance features a must-have.

Licensed insurance agents save time and money using a predictive dialer that automatically routes leads to agents licensed in the prospect’s state—no click-to-dial. Intelligent dynamic scripting assures agents know the specific call introduction required by the state they’re calling. Convoso supports contact center compliance and keeps software up-to-date with changing TCPA rules for state-based call times to avoid fines and legal consequences.

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Make smart decisions, boost ROI with real-time analytics.

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Prioritize your KPIs with our customizable dashboards and make strategic decisions based on how your insurance leads, agents, lists, and list sources are performing at any time of the day. Real-time reports show your actual CPA [cost of dialer, payroll, and leads], your ROI per list and agent, broken down by lead source.

Great ROI comes from great tools


Email, SMS, Calling

Multiple dialing modes

Power, predictive, progressive, preview

Redial/recycle logic

Superior automated lead follow-up

Real-time reporting

Versatile, advanced & customizable

Lead management

Robust, fast, intuitive, automated

TCPA compliance

Tools across all communication channels

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