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What is a Predictive Dialer?

Predictive dialer software delivers intelligent, automated dialing with the goal of accelerating the outbound calling process and maximizing the number of agent conversations. 

Predictive dialers are typically used by sales and lead generation teams that require efficient, high-performance outbound calling. These dialers are designed to reach the most leads in the shortest amount of time, connecting agents only to live prospects rather than dial tones or voicemails.

To deliver this improved performance and efficiency, today’s best predictive dialers utilize advanced algorithms to help high-volume outbound call centers minimize wait time, maximize talk time, and ultimately drive more contacts and conversions.

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How do predictive dialers work?​

Predictive dialers work by predicting call center agent availability, automatically calibrating the dialing rate, and connecting agents to live prospects when they’ve picked up the phone.

Calls made with predictive dialer software are made at either a predefined rate or a rate “predicted” based on variables such as agent availability or past call duration. After dialing the call, the predictive dialer “listens” for an answer. When a live person answers, the call is quickly transferred to a live agent. 

This listening ability allows the dialer to screen out calls that receive a busy signal or are answered by fax machines, voicemail systems, or answering machines. A predictive dialer is particularly powerful when combined with accurate answering machine detection software that improves its ability to distinguish between voicemail messages and live customers.

How is a predictive dialer different from a regular autodialer?

Predictive dialers are, technically speaking, a type of autodialer. Autodialers are any solution that takes the tedious process of manually dialing phone numbers off the plate of agents. Instead, the system automatically dials phone numbers in a given list and connects agents to leads.

However, predictive dialers add a level of intelligence to this process. (In the case of the best predictive dialers, it might be many levels.)

Using algorithms that consider factors such as typical call duration, past success rates on a given list, the amount of time it takes for a call to be answered, and more, intelligent predictive dialers maximize the number of calls that can be placed to improve productivity and efficiency. Plus, over time, as more and more calls are placed, the dialer will continue to get better at predicting when and how many numbers to dial.

Predictive dialer benefits

Using a predictive dialer can deliver many benefits for lead generation and sales teams:

Improved agent productivity.

By connecting agents to a call only when a live contact is reached, predictive dialers ensure that agents don’t waste time with busy signals, voicemail messages, or incorrect numbers. Predictive dialers increase dialing rates while minimizing agent idle time and wait time metrics.

Boosted call volumes.

Companies can reach out to more people in a shorter period of time by calling numbers in quick succession from a database and dialing multiple numbers for each contact, all without the tedium and time required of manual dialing. 

Better prospect and customer experience.

Predictive dialers avoid the risk of annoying or offending existing or potential clients with the ability to schedule and restrict dialing based on day, time zone, or other variables. They also allow agents to schedule callbacks at a time that is more convenient for the customer.

Greater insights and optimization.

Convoso predictive dialer software integrates seamlessly with a wide array of CRMs while providing granular real-time and historical reporting tools to help managers easily track critical KPIs and optimize operations for maximum profitability.

Cloud-based flexibility.

Without cumbersome, expensive hardware of legacy systems, cloud-based predictive dialer software like Convoso enables agents to work—and be productive—from virtually anywhere.

Improved Do Not Call (DNC) compliance.

The best predictive dialers integrate DNC compliance support into their operation, replacing error-prone practices such as merging or purging spreadsheets or removing DNC numbers from a database with automated list scrubbing. These outdated manual practices can leave businesses vulnerable to fines or penalties.

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What makes the best predictive dialer software?

A lot of dialers promise to help you place a lot of calls—but not every solution is created equally. To get the best predictive dialer software, opt for a dialer that delivers:

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Predictive dialing software does much more than just dial

Your dialer is at the heart of your entire operation. The best solution should deliver much more than top-notch dialing capability. Make the most of every interaction with a platform that offers.

Gold-standard answering machine detection

Keep agents from wasting time on leaked voicemail messages and minimize false positives with state-of-the-art answering machine detection that’s been trained on millions of calls.

Comprehensive caller ID reputation management

Cut out the “Spam Likely” labels that are cutting into your contact rates. Monitor and protect the health of your phone numbers—and quickly replace affected caller IDs—to reach more customers with caller ID reputation management.

Conversational AI designed to drive more sales

Automate routine conversations at scale with conversational AI SMS and voice. Let agents focus on closing, keep leads engaged, and accelerate your sales growth with

Seamless integration with your entire sales stack

Turn your sales operation into a well-oiled machine.Integrate our dialer with any major third-party applications, from SalesForce and Hubspot to Jornaya, LeadsPedia, and Balto, using our open API.

Compliance support that’s always up-to-date

Outbound calling regulations are complex and ever-changing. The Convoso dialing platform integrates a variety of compliance support tools that power effective outreach with peace of mind.

Unparalleled customer service and support

Don’t just pick a provider; find a partner. From onboarding and implementation to ongoing support and education, Convoso’s dedicated support teams are always there to help you drive success.

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How much does a predictive dialer cost?

Predictive dialer costs can vary significantly based on an organization’s location as well as the pricing model used by the provider. Some cloud-based dialer providers charge customers using a subscription model, or on a per-license basis, whose cost can vary greatly based on the nature of the software and the features offered. Convoso offers both prepaid contracts as well as unlimited plans.

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Why get a hosted, or cloud-based, predictive dialer software?

As opposed to hardware-based or on-premise dialing solutions, which can require significant investments in complex hardware and system maintenance, hosted (AKA on-demand or cloud-based) predictive dialing solutions are far easier to deploy.

With no upfront hardware costs beyond the computers required to run cloud-based predictive dialer software, the hosted model shifts all the costs of upgrades and upkeep over to the provider. 

Plus, without the extensive infrastructure of older on-premise solutions, cloud-based dialer software is the ideal match for today’s hybrid and virtual call center environments, enabling teams to unify operations through a common, software-based platform.

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Absolutely. Predictive dialers can significantly enhance sales and revenue for businesses. This advanced technology streamlines the calling process by automatically dialing multiple numbers, which drastically increases the number of calls agents can make in a day. As a result, agents spend more time talking to potential clients rather than waiting for calls to connect. When combined with tools and strategies that increase contact rates, predictive dialer software can drastically improve revenue for sales and lead generation teams.

Predictive dialers are versatile tools that can be beneficial to teams that rely on outbound calling in a wide array of industries. Convoso dialer software has helped organizations drive success in an array of industries, including solar, Medicare and insurance, home services, financial services, and many others. 

No, predictive dialers are not illegal. However, organizations must take certain proactive steps to ensure they’re using their dialing system in a compliant manner.

Automated telephone dialing systems (ATDS) are regulated in the US by the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), rules of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and individual state regulations. While specific rules and regulations vary, in general, the TCPA prohibits using an ATDS to call consumers who have not provided prior express written consent.

To maximize dialing productivity while supporting compliance, Convoso recommends working with expert counsel to develop a risk mitigation plan and implement TCPA best practices.

Because of the financial and reputational risks posed by violations of the TCPA and so-called state “mini TCPA” laws, it’s also important to work with a dialer software provider with a record of innovation and design carried out with compliance in mind.

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