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Dial in your sales call schedules and reach leads at the best time. Close more sales and grow your revenue with Convoso’s automated call scheduling and adjustable dial levels.

Want to increase contact rates and conversions? Learn how Convoso can maximize revenue in your call center.

Call your leads at the right times with Convoso’s call scheduling software

Outbound calling shouldn’t be a guessing game. Find out when your leads are most responsive and tailor your dial level accordingly. Convoso’s call scheduling software helps you dial more leads, more effectively, with the ability to
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What is call center scheduling software?

Call center scheduling software is a specialized tool designed to assist call centers in maximizing the productivity of their teams and the effectiveness of their outreach.

While some call center scheduling software options focus on managing and optimizing agent work schedules, our call scheduling software specializes in optimizing outbound calling teams’ dial levels over the course of a day. This call center scheduling software helps drive more sales by automatically ramping up dial levels to maximize their contact rates and agent talk time during the best times of the day to make sales calls.

What is the best time to make sales calls?

If you’re cold calling or making sales calls to interested leads, timing is everything. The best time to make calls has been the subject of many studies over the years. The most recent data suggests that the best time to call sales leads is either late morning or late afternoon, usually 4 to 5pm.

Of course, the full answer to this important question is more complicated than that. Ultimately, the best time to make a call may vary from lead to lead and list to list. That’s why having the ability to test which strategies are most effective is so critical to maximizing the effectiveness of your outbound calls.

Plus, beyond targeting an exact time of day or day of the week, there are a number of factors that your outbound calling strategies should take into consideration—and that your contact center software should be able to take into account:

Speed to lead

Almost no matter the time of day, when a lead enters your system, the best time to call them is as soon as possible. Look for a dialer that’s able to prioritize your warmest, freshest leads and deliver the fastest speed to lead possible.

Compliance restrictions

The TCPA restricts outbound telemarketing calls to between 8:00 am and 9:00 pm. On top of this, there are a variety of individual state calling restrictions to be aware of. Learn how Convoso’s StateTracker™ helps teams stay on top of ever-changing state regulations.

Time zones

Because of these restrictions and your leads’ preferences, you need to be able to take time zones into account when you’re calling across different locations. What might seem like the best time to you might wind up being inconvenient for them.

Set and forget for more sales with Convoso

No more manually adjusting your dial levels and outreach schedules. Plan your call center’s schedule and dial level, and set it up with ease using Convoso’s intuitive interface. Once you have your schedules dialed in, you can focus on making decisions that drive more sales. Monitor list and agent performance with our robust reporting tools while our dialing systems automatically adapt throughout the day.

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