Evolving The Modern Call Center

We're a team of call center experts who share a common goal of helping our customers generate and convert more leads faster using multi-channel marketing automation software.

Our Company

Convoso is an industry-leading provider of multi-channel marketing automation software. Our goal behind starting Convoso was to create a solution that would revolutionize the way call centers communicate with their customers.


Explore joining the team that’s pushing the boundaries in marketing automation software.

Careers at Convoso

Explore joining the team that’s pushing the boundaries in telecom.

Nima Hakimi


Nima Hakimi is the co-founder and CEO of Convoso. With over a decade of experience in starting various companies, his exceptional leadership has consistently navigated through the ups and downs of running a successful business. Nima’s clear vision for Convoso helped establish the core values that nurture the culture of the Company today. Prior to Convoso, Nima began his entrepreneurial spirit with the launch of an online advertising network with millions of users at its peak. Nima takes great pride in his customer’s success which is what drives him to constantly research the market space for solutions to challenges. He views Convoso as his family and goes above and beyond in providing the needed tools for the Company to succeed.

Fun Fact: He is the world’s #1 Laker fan. He’s even traveled last minute to other states to support “the purple and gold.``

Bobby Hakimi

EVP R&D/Co-Founder

Bobby Hakimi is the co-founder and visionary of Convoso. He is known as the mastermind behind our software and technology. His passion in new technologies drives him to constantly think outside the box, searching for the next BIG IDEA. His innovative research has allowed Convoso to be one of the most cutting-edge contact center solutions in the marketplace. Bobby has put together a bright, driven, and determined in-house development team whose main goal is to provide software with proven results. He has over a decade of telecommunication experience, which has been the driving force in our product development.

Fun Fact: One of Bobby’s hobbies and passions is aquariums and taking care of rare fish.

Phi Le


Phi Le joined Convoso in 2013, and has since established himself as one of the key members of the team. Along with establishing the core technology system, he is in charge of the development and implementation of the software. Phi has over 15 years of technical experience in software R&D and has the unique perspective of seeing solutions from a business perspective. He values hard work while promoting a collaborative environment for his team as well as the whole Company.

Fun Fact: Phi is an avid traveler who tries to travel at least once a month. He also speaks Vietnamese, German, French, Dutch and English!

Meg Mananian

Head of Operations

Meg Mananian is the Head of Operations at Convoso. She has several years of experience in public accounting and also the technology and healthcare industries. After joining the Convoso family, Meg has proven to be a valuable leader to her team as well as the whole company. She exemplifies the company’s core values in every aspect of her work and has acted as the “glue” that keeps us all together. Her motto is every problem has a solution.

Fun Fact: Meg has visited seven countries by the age of seven, you can say she ``traveled the world and the seven seas``!

Rigo Garcia

Head of Product Management

Rigo Garcia is the Head of Product Management at Convoso. Rigo has over 15 years of experience in the Software Industry. He started off as a Software Engineer in the Consulting Industry where he discovered his love for solving problems through innovative solutions and has now been doing Product Management for SaaS products for 10 years. He got his BS in Computer Science and an MBA from USC where he founded 2 startups during his time there. Rigo is very passionate about workplace culture which is one of the reasons he was attracted to Convoso (have you heard about our monthly in-house massages??).

Fun Fact: Rigo is a die-hard USC Football fan who has only missed 9 home games since '99 and travels all over the country supporting his Trojans.

Joergen Aaboe

Head of Marketing

Joergen is a marketing leader who identifies as both a strategist and a practitioner with a focus on B2B SaaS. After a decade of leading marketing for companies like MomentFeed, Casting Networks and Zumbox, Joergen transitioned into marketing consulting to work with a larger number of teams and executives. He holds a BS and an MBA from California Lutheran University. Joergen believes marketing boils down to inspiring someone in an effort to grow something.

Fun fact: While he may not look the part, Joergen is a big eater, possibly bigger than anyone in the company, with an undying passion for Texas BBQ and Chipotle.

Our Mission

Our mission at Convoso is to provide our customers with products and services that will generate and convert more leads faster using the right channel, with the right message, and at the right time.

Our Core Values

Building a great business starts with building a great culture.

Put Customers First

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Take Initiative

Work Hard, Play Hard

Be Positive

Empower your admins to seize the day, everyday

Convoso’s technology is built to cut downtime and costs by automating and housing your day-to-day routines in one easy-to-use platform. Call center owners and managers can operate with complete clarity through Convoso’s feature rich admin portal and reporting console.

Make high-performance days the new normal in your call center.