Evolving The Modern Call Center

We’re a team of call center, customer experience, operations, and innovative tech experts that share a common goal of shaping the future of unified communications

Our Company

Convoso is an industry-leading provider of cloud-based call center software. Convoso was founded in 2006 by brothers Nima and Bobby Hakimi. Their goal behind starting Convoso was to create a solution that would revolutionize the call center industry by empowering top tier call centers by streamlining admin, agent, and customer experience alike.


Meet the team helping shape the future of the call center industry.

Careers at Convoso

Explore joining the team that’s pushing the boundaries in telecom.

Nima Hakimi


For well over a decade, Nima has worked tirelessly to create the successful company and culture that is Convoso. Nima has a clear vision of the core values that he envisions every one of his employees portrays. To create this unilateral environment at Convoso Nima has instilled his undeniable self-starter mentality that has driven his entire career. Prior to starting Convoso, Nima began his entrepreneurial spirit when he launched an ad network with 20M+ users at its peak. Although, he has over a decade of telecommunications experience under his belt, Nima is always researching the marketspace to make sure that his customers have the top of the line technology. Nima is always focused on creating positive solutions to the many issues that plague call centers. However, his positivity towards his Los Angeles Lakers seem to be at an all time low.

Bobby Hakimi

SVP R&D/Co-Founder

Bobby Hakimi, Senior VP of Research & Development, works as the mastermind of the Convoso platform. Mainly, this includes the research that goes into the development of our software. Bobby, uses his passion for new technologies, to develop new concepts & features for the Convoso platform. His innovative research has allowed for Convoso to be one of the most cutting edge contact center solutions in the industry. Bobby’s secret weapon is his in house development team, which he works with everyday to scale the application, fix issues, and implement new features. His “never quit until a problem is fixed,” makes Bobby a pioneer of Convoso’s core value of “Dedicated to Innovation.” While he has over a decade of telecommunications experience, Bobby still owns his job as his favorite hobby. However, upon conversation with Bobby, one might believe that his fish tank may be rising in his ranks.

Phi Le


Convoso was honored when they heard that such a qualified candidate would be joining the team back in 2013. Phi Le, CTO, is charge of establishing the foundation of Convoso’s core technology systems and continues to develop and implement the proprietary software Convoso customers use everyday. In other words, Phi works as the “jack of all trades” in Convoso’s development; from the vision of our product to the engineering of the final product. Phi has well over 15 years of extensive experience in software R&D. Phi uses this extensive experience to help manage his team of engineers that build, maintain, and enhance the Convoso’s platform. Phi takes a special affinity to Convoso’s core value “Embrace being nimble,” as he constantly looks for ways to challenge himself and his team. Besides Phi’s mastery of the language that is code– Phi’s lingual skills expand to four other languages.

Our goal behind starting Convoso was to create a solution that would revolutionize the call center industry.

Our Mission

Our mission at Convoso is to align our business with the same goal we have for our products by making quality customer experience top priority through innovative solutions. We believe the key to creating happy customers and lifelong brand evangelists starts by creating an enjoyable experience for your internal teams.

Empower your admins to seize the day, everyday

Convoso’s technology is built to cut downtime and costs by automating and housing your day-to-day routines in one easy-to-use platform. Call center owners and managers can operate with complete clarity through Convoso’s feature rich admin portal and reporting console.

Make high-performance days the new normal in your call center.