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Drive more sales while keeping agents compliant

Improve conversion rates and reduce onboarding time by guiding your agents with customized sales scripts that adapt to the flow of each conversation. 

With Convoso’s sales scripting tool, dynamic scripts are personalized  to each lead based on data from your CRM or other third party sources, creating a better customer experience from “hello.” The scripts respond and update in real time – and so does your CRM.

Today’s outbound call centers need to stay on top of changing regulatory compliance requirements. Call centers can make sure they have the right script for the right situation, by including critical compliance language. 

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To create a script, just drag and drop elements in the conversation editor. Our smart call center scripting software will fill in the details to address each customer personally and guide them towards a sale, an appointment, or a lead transfer.

Instead of training agents for a hundred different situations, or expecting them to remember individual state requirements, you can trust the script to adapt for each new scenario.

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Our cloud-based software gives you the most advanced dialer solution for sales and lead generation teams. With an intuitive interface and award winning customer support, it’s easy to get agents onboarded and working productively.
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Dynamic Scripting Frequently Asked Questions

Call scripting is the practice of creating a pre-written script for agents to follow when speaking with a lead or customer. Call scripts typically follow the flow of a typical (or many typical) customer conversations, prompting the agent with talking points, important disclosures for TCPA compliance, rebuttals, and more. Using call scripts helps guarantee that agents deliver a consistent customer experience across the call center.

Call scripting software is a program capable of loading scripts for agents to reference and follow during calls. Dynamic scripting software is a specific type of call center scripting software that is able to respond and update in real time based on a customer’s responses. With dynamic scripting each script can be customized using data from your CRM, giving agents quick access to variables like customer name, location, and history within the script.

Writing a call center script should start with an understanding of your customer. Consider the who, what, and when of your customers and business:

  • WHO are you talking to? Make customer profiles by identifying professions, demographics, interests, needs, and goals.
  • WHAT pain point or issue does your business solve with products and/or services? How do you help the customer achieve their goals?
  • WHY should this customer believe you? What’s unique about your offering? Why will it work when others haven’t?

Find more call center script best practices here.

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