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Maximize conversion rates and minimize lead costs by routing outbound calls to the agent best equipped to handle each interaction.

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What is Skills-Based Routing?

Skills-based routing is an intelligent call routing tool that helps match your leads or calls with the most qualified or skilled agent to handle each interaction.

Intelligently routing the right leads to the right agents, call centers can deliver a better experience to each customer and lead and drive better outcomes. Relying on skills-based distribution of their calls helps sales and lead generation teams build momentum, improve conversations, and drive more revenue.

What Skills-Based Routing Can Do for Your Business

Call center operations are after maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Meanwhile, their customers and leads demand personalized experiences. Skills-based outbound call routing offers a solution for both. In the process, it helps teams convert more leads into customers, accelerate onboarding and coaching, and support compliance.

Close More Sales

Are you sending your top-performing leads to your top-performing agents? Skills-based routing enables outbound call centers to feed the hottest sales agents and build more sales momentum. Segment agents by skill level and get the most out of your costly leads with more strategic call routing.

Coach Up Agents

Get your new agents on the phones faster, or help others practice on new campaigns, without needing to worry about wasting your most valuable leads. Intelligent call routing solutions help teams play to their agents’ strengths as well as help them develop new skills. Route your high-intent, high-cost leads to your best agents and your lower-quality leads to agents in training to improve conversion rates and upskill agents simultaneously.

Support Compliance

In many industries, call center agents need licenses to sell certain products or services. Outbound call routing strategies in these industries require skills-based routing to ensure each lead or call is matched with an agent who is legally certified to handle the interaction.
For example, agents in a call center selling insurance products will likely be licensed in several states and can only sell to residents of those states. Skills-based routing can match leads in those states to the right agents and support call center compliance.

How Does Skills-Based Routing Work?

Convoso’s skills-based routing solution enables teams to intricately map the skills, strengths, and qualifications of their sales and lead gen teams.

To create an improved call routing strategy, simply define a new skill within your system, such as proficiency in a specific language, knowledge of a product, or licensing in a particular location. You can also assign different skill levels to each agent. Leads or calls will then be strategically routed based on customer data contained within your CRM and the skills-based prioritization you’ve created.

Skills-Based Routing Best Practices to Scale Your Sales

Leverage Your Lead Data to
Identify Skills

Call center routing strategies are most effective when they’re also personalization strategies. To develop efficient routing that enhances sales experiences for your leads, examine the data you have on your leads. Virtually every field of data in your possession is information you can use to increase personalization and improve the way you route your calls.

Monitor Your Agents’ Performance in Real-Time

You’ll only be able to maximize the effectiveness of skills-based routing if you actually understand your agents’ skills. Leverage robust, real-time call center analytics tools to understand which of your agents are driving conversions on which campaigns or products, then tailor your call routing strategy to maximize their momentum.

Test, Measure, and
Make Improvements

Just like your agents, every campaign is different. An openness to experimentation is what enables the best call centers to optimize performance over time. Add new skills to your call routing strategy, measure performance, and iterate to support continuous growth.

Learn how Skills-Based Routing helps you maximize conversions.

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Outbound Call Routing with Convoso

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