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Unlock Speed, Scale, and Sales with a Powerful BPO Dialer

Your clients demand results. Use a cloud-based, omnichannel dialer that delivers.


Industry-Leading Speed to Lead: Contact more leads—and contact them before your competition—using DX5 –  the most powerful dialer engine available. 

Dial Fewer Leads, Make More Money: Penetrate lists and convert leads at scale with predictive dialing power. Use outreach strategies backed by automated intelligence to improve your BPO call center’s contact rates by up to 300%!

"I don't know how they do it, but the Convoso platform allows me to connect with more consumers on the phone compared with any other dialer solution on the market today."​
CEO of BPO with 600+ agents​

Reach more leads faster and skyrocket your sales team's revenue

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More Conversations, More Sales with AI for BPOs

Don’t just make more calls. Have more conversations and skyrocket sales.

The latest in conversational AI technology: Our advanced conversational AI,, reaches out to leads via SMS and converses fluently with them over voice. 

More conversations at a lower cost: Schedule appointments and callbacks, send reminders, pre-qualify leads, and follow up on past calls—with a cutting-edge conversational AI that lowers cost per acquisition.

Increase lead engagement and agent success: Nurture leads with personalized communications, shorten your sales cycle, and make it easier for your agents to close deals.

Navigate BPO Compliance Complexity

The rules of the game are always changing. Stay one step ahead in every state.


TCPA. TSR. STIR/SHAKEN. DNC. CMS. BPO call centers are swimming in an alphabet soup of rules and regs. Your dialer should offer a life raft. Use Convoso compliance tools to:

  • Minimize human error with automation
  • Easily scrub lists for litigators and leads on DNC (do-not-call) lists
  • Avoid calling leads outside restricted times

Step up protection against state-level “mini-TCPA” laws with StateTracker™.

Powerful and Easy-To-Use

Our cloud-based software gives you the most advanced dialer solution for sales and lead generation teams. With an intuitive interface and award winning customer support, it’s easy to get agents onboarded and working productively.
Find out how you can
dramatically boost ROI
for your company.

Get Insights and Take Action with Robust Reporting

Get rid of the guesswork. Build winning strategies with deep insights delivered in real time.


Simplify the way you lead teams: You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Manage agents more easily and make data-driven decisions with robust data analytics. 

Boost Productivity and Profits: Real-time metrics and custom reports make it easier than ever to monitor performance, spot trends, and take actions that drive greater profitability.

Explore call center reporting capabilities.

Easy Integrations, Easier Onboarding

Get up-and-running with ease and see the results virtually overnight.

An engine to power your full tech stack: Convoso’s open API makes it easy to integrate our dialer with your favorite third-party applications.

The BPO call center software your agents want to use: Log into an intuitive, easy-to-use interface and drive the kind of results that drive up morale.

Start growing fast: Your success if our #1 priority. Get white glove customer care from our award-winning support team from onboarding to ongoing coaching and support.

Discover the Convoso customer experience.

What is a BPO Call Center?

A BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Call Center is a specialized service center that manages business processes for other organizations, typically on a contractual basis. 

As the name implies, BPO Call Centers are primarily focused on handling various call-based tasks, such as customer service inquiries, technical support, telemarketing, and other types of voice-based customer interactions. These call centers function as a critical touchpoint between a company and its customers, allowing businesses to offer prompt support and efficient sales outreach, without the need to maintain an in-house call center infrastructure.

Great ROI comes from great tools

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Versatile, advanced
& customizable

Top to Bottom funnel


Robust, fast, intuitive,

Agent on Call


Tools across all


Kyle Anderson,
Digital Market Media

“Previously, our redial capability greatly hindered performance and ROI – we were dialing through too many leads inefficiently. We optimized the disposition-based redial workflow, and attached automated remarket strategies within Convoso, such as email drip automation. The robust caller ID management has made a big difference.” Read More…
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