Landmark TCPA Ruling Opens Doors for Outbound Sales Teams |Webinar

Introduction – 0:00

Convoso CEO and Co-Founder Nima Hakimi kicks off the webinar and introduces guest Michelle Shuster, an attorney and call center compliance expert from the law firm Mac Murray & Shuster, LLC.

Michelle Shuster discusses the history, legal questions, and verdict in the Supreme Court case Facebook v. Duguid. The Supreme Court’s Ruling had a serious impact on the call center industry and the issue of prior express written consent, which she details here.

How Did the Justify Its Decision in Facebook v. Duguid? – 9:38

The Supreme Court focused in on the wording of TCPA statues to make its decision. Hear exactly how the Court did so to justify its Facebook v. Duguid ruling.

How Do You Support Call Center Compliance? – 12:00

In the wake of Facebook v. Duguid, what steps should outbound call centers take to support TCPA compliance? Hakimi and Shuster discuss call center compliance best practices.

The Future of Call Center Regulations – 14:47

What does the future hold for call center regulations? Shuster gives her educated guesses on where regulators and the US Congress might look next.

Q&A – 22:20

The webinar panel fields questions from the audience to provide even more information on the important implications of the Facebook v. Duguid case.

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