New Florida Mini-TCPA Compliance Law Explained |Webinar

Introduction – 0:00

Convoso VP of Marketing Lisa Leight kicks of the webinar and TCPA expert and attorney Eric Trautman of Squire Patton Boggs discusses his background.

What Is the New Florida Bill? – 1:01

Troutman breaks down the content of the new law, including its restrictions on using autodialers to reach Florida consumers.

ATDS vs. Autodialer: The Florida Bill’s Definition – 2:55

The new bill uses a different definition of autodialer than the US Supreme Court’s interpretation of ATDS in the recent Facebook v. Duguid case. Hear why that’s significant for call center compliance, including for those who use Click-to-Dial systems.

Express Written Consent Under the Law – 4:40

See how the law affects the need for call centers to obtain consent from existing and potential customers.

Which Customers Does the Law Apply To? – 6:06

Who’s considered a Florida consumer under the law? Find out who exactly the new regulations apply to in this section of the webinar.

Private Right of Action – 7:57

Discover what a private right of action is and what it entitles consumers (and litigators) to do thanks to the new law.

Will the Law Be Challenged? – 9:58

Troutman examines potential weaknesses and unconstitutional aspects in the law, and gives his opinion on which parts of the law might not stand up to future scrutiny.

What Other States Are Taking Action? – 12:15

Get the latest updates on what other state legislatures are crafting legislation related to TCPA compliance, and hear what Troutman thinks about the prospect of future action at the federal level.

Suggestions for Dialing Leads in Florida – 13:58

Troutman provides suggestions for call centers doing business in Florida under the new law, and Leight discusses how Convoso dialer software can be tailored to accommodate state-level regulations.

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