Lead Gen Compliance and TCPA News in 2022: What Call Centers Need to Know

Introductions – 0:00

Hosts Nima Hakimi of Convoso and Michele Shuster from Mac Murray & Shuster kick off the webinar with introductions and a survey on participants’ biggest frustrations with their current dialing software.

FCC & TCPA Compliance News – 4:31

Shuster breaks down a variety of recent updates in FTC, FCC and TCPA Compliance news for call centers. She also analyzes breaking news about potential changes to the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) that might be coming in the near future, including mandates of increased record keeping for call centers and more.

Oklahoma and Florida’s Mini-TCPA Laws –  22:21

Hakimi and Schuster discuss the most recent developments in the “Mini-TCPA” laws enacted by Florida and Oklahoma, which have led to a huge number of lawsuits in both states.

The Myth of TCPA Compliant Leads – 29:13

What are so-called “TCPA compliant leads?” Do they actually exist? Shuster weighs in on the myth of TCPA compliant leads and discusses ways that both lead buyers and lead sellers can mitigate risks under the law.

State Privacy Laws: What They Mean for Call Centers – 38:56

States like California, Colorado, Virginia, and Utah have recently passed consumer privacy laws—and more states may have their own laws on the books soon. Learn what steps call centers should take to remain compliant with these new laws.

Text Messaging Compliance – 44:40

As more and more sales and lead gen businesses take advantage of the SMS channel, issues of text messaging compliance are becoming more important. Hear from Schuster and Hakimi on registering campaigns, the basics of existing regulations, and some recent changes.

The Latest on STIR/SHAKEN –  47:09

Shuster provides a brief status update on the rollout of STIR/SHAKEN regulations.

Wrap-Up and Q&A – 49:40

Hear Hakimi and Shuster answer a question related to differences in B2C vs. B2B lead generation compliance, and hear their closing thoughts on the 2022 TCPA compliance landscape.

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