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We decided to make the switch to Convoso when we recognized that we needed more. We switched when we had so many leads sitting and not being called. We switched because we had call center agents' constantly turnover and we needed better productivity.”

Aaron Culbertson
Executive VP
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We noticed this major rise in connectivity. So, you can't sell someone, you can't talk to. And when we were able to talk to 300% more people, we were able to increase our sales by that amount. Without Convoso we would not be able to rapidly scale our business.

Heather Griffin

Co-CEO & President, Colossus
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With Convoso, I can see how many numbers are labeled as Spam Likely and quickly replace them...These days, we cannot waste time; we need to move fast. Convoso does a lot of things for us automatically to save us time and money.

Douglas Salmaso

Sales Success Manager, Solarna

Convoso is a really, really good system.  It’s the Ferrari of the dialers. We’re really happy with the Convoso dialer. So happy, in fact, that I’ll be recommending it to other clients as well!

Chris Meneses

Consultant to mortgage lending company
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Convoso has been such a game changer for us. We have the same exact data, pretty much the same agents – nothing has changed really except for the dialer. And our sales have gone up about a third... Agent-wise they love it – the morale and the energy in the room is just better than it's ever been.

Jesse Daniels

Vice President of Sales, One Health Direct
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The thing I’ve loved about Convoso through the years I've been working with them is all the features. I love the answering machine detection. The API integration is really really great. But mostly, it's the people.

Anonymous Reviewer (AMD)

Large financial services lead gen company

I have used many dialers – they do not compare to Convoso.  Their customer support and reps are the best to work with. Their customer support, customer success and my account executive were there every step of the way to get my dialer running exactly how I needed it!

George Ferger

Review via Google

Convoso gets my company on the phone with data leads quicker and more consistently than all the other dialers out there. Also, it has virtually unlimited ability to generate reporting about any user data you may need. Tech Support is easily accessible and highly competent. Issues are resolved efficiently and with a smile!

Ryan Chadderton

General Manager, NumberOneHealth

An easy to use software that seems to do it all. After switching to Convoso, our contact rate to our leads shot up exponentially and in turn we started making much more revenue in sales. The software has so many functions that sometimes it is hard to know what it all does. Thanks to an amazing CSM and support team, any question that I have is answered very quickly.  

Carter Bass

IT Administrator, Preferred Guest Resorts

I always say that you’re only as good as your team. And I feel like Convoso is, in essence, a critical part of our team. You need a good dialer, you need good lead vendors. Everything together – the team, the dialer, the lead vendors – makes everything good.  

Tiffanie Gonzalez

Owner, Top Healthcare Options
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Convoso has a superior product. First off, from the software’s ease of use, including navigation, learning, and even the tutorial videos for management. Second, the customer friendliness - anything you need, they are there to walk you through it, apply it for you if you need, and give you an explanation on how to do it yourself. Third, the platform runs smoothly, and offers lots of features. Convoso adapts to your business instead of your business adapting to it.

Melvin Merritt

Call Center Director
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Our lead to transfer rate has increased steadily from 2% to 8% since starting with Convoso. When you’re talking about hundreds of thousands of leads, that’s a huge increase.

Tom Carolan

Founder and Owner, Digital Market Media
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The single best asset for us has been Convoso’s Power Dialer. It has allowed us to slash wait times between calls. My reps now have two to three times the number of conversations they used to, and it’s made a significant impact on our bottom line.

Mike Kelly

Sales Manager, Insurance Line One
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An average day used to be 150-200 conversions. Now, with Convoso, 350 conversions is our new average.

Mike Velardi

SVP, Resource Marketing Corp.
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Switching to Convoso has been absolutely great – everything from the look, the feel of the platform, to the experience, customer service, and the higher tier management.

Chris Robinson

Founder, Ascent Mortgage Group
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This Dialer has it ALL!! We spend less time waiting for calls and no other system has this kind of connect rate!! Love it. It has lead management and tons of features that help optimize your operation and minimize the need for an admin to run it.


Trimax Realty & Loan via Capterra

I really appreciate the metrics that are available. There are a variety of KPIs and they're all really valuable to the ultimate profitability of the business. Profitability for me is everything.

John Gallagher

CFO, Call center operation in solar industry
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Convoso has a really cool workflow automation that has elevated my productivity quite a bit and I'm definitely profitable.


The Unicorn Group via Capterra

Top notch predictive dialer. It's really impressive.


Telemoc via Capterra

[Convoso has] a system that can produce more sales at the best times. What I really enjoy is the SMS feature and the email drip campaigns, because they actually are texting and emailing in the background and grabbing customers digitally rather than calling...Convoso brings the business to you rather than making you go out after it.

Chris Cantrell

Agent, US Health Advisors
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Relying on the stability and up-time performance of their platform, we’ve been able to grow from just a handful to over 50 agents using Convoso. It has helped us tremendously with managing our inbound calls and accounts.

Anderson Schoenrock

CEO, ScanDigital

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