Real Estate Success Skyrockets After Switch to Convoso

Real Estate Success Skyrockets After Switch to Convoso

May 18, 2022 | Convoso

When your website name spells out “conversion is our game,” you’d better know how to deliver. That’s why C Squared consultants know exactly where to turn for support when real estate clients scramble for better results from their outbound call centers.

Learn how C Squared Founder Tisa Daniels is revolutionizing connections and conversions for her real estate industry clients to skyrocket ROI.  Combining bullseye strategies with the latest outbound contact center technologies and data analytics from Convoso, Tisa and her team are leading real estate businesses to success.

A Real Estate Lead Gen Success Story in a Nutshell

Our Customer

C Squared is a lead conversion and contact center strategy consultancy helping businesses in the real estate industry overhaul their call center operations.

The Problem

  • Clients in a competitive industry lack in-depth call center experience
  • Previous dialers lack power and efficiency required to dial through entire lead lists
  • Lack of caller ID reputation management means many calls aren’t even getting through
  • Cumbersome UI leads to lengthy, costly agent training process
  • Calls reaching voicemails wasting agents’ time and hampering productivity

Our Solution

  • Powerful cloud-based predictive dialer software with workflow automation and custom call cadences
  • ClearCallerID™ reputation management solution that offers transparency, improves manager efficiency, and boosts contact rates
  • Dynamic scripting software to cut down training time and keeps agents on message
  • Responsive customer success team delivers hands-on support and customized solutions


  • 4-8X increase in outbound call center ROI
  • Up to 400% growth in conversions
  • Up to 75% decrease in agent training time
  • Caller ID reputation management tools help avoid call blocking and flagging
  • Reporting improves manager efficiency and agent accountability

The Backstory

Clients with Untapped Potential

Running C Squared, a call center consultancy focused on the real estate investment industry, Co-Founder and Catalyst Tisa Daniels meets a lot of businesses who think they’re getting the most out of their outbound call centers. That is, until she and her team come along. “Their outbound call centers have been their number one [driver of] ROI. Yet, [the performance] is still pretty low.”

Reaching their full potential, Daniels says, first requires a change in mindset. “Initially, for a lot of clients, 2X ROI seems good to them. And I have to tell them that, personally, we’re going for 8 to 16X.”

One Dialer Fits All

Of course, this shift in mentality is far from the only thing required to bring call center performance to new heights. For Daniels’ part, she says she always begins the process of building a better call center with one thing: a look at the contact rate

“That’s the number one thing I focus on,” she says. “It’s the easiest thing to explain to a business owner about why they’re not getting the results they need.”

And along with this easy explanation comes an easy solution: “That’s where Convoso comes in,” she says. “I feel that they offer the best connection rates on the market.” But that is far from being all that Convoso offers. Read on to see what else Convoso has been delivering to C Squared clients who have made the switch to our powerful cloud-based predictive dialer software.

The Solution

Big Boosts to Contact Rates Are No Fluke

Fast and, according to Daniels, sometimes shocking results usually come along with the move to Convoso. “Clients usually think it’s a fluke,” says Daniels. “They think I’m doing some magic” when suddenly their agents are having more conversations and setting more appointments than ever before.

Of course, magic has nothing to do with it. Daniels says that Convoso’s full suite of easy-to-use and effective features are to thank for these improvements. Between simple caller ID reputation management, workflow automation, and answering machine detection—Daniels’ three favorites—C Squared knows that Convoso has what their clients need to get results, both now and over the long term.

“Clients usually think it’s a fluke. They think I’m doing some magic. However, when we keep working through it, and they keep getting better and better results month after month, they’re literally shocked. They’re overwhelmed—in a good way.” 

Caller ID Reputation Management Made Easy

Call blocking and flagging are a problem for every outbound call center for real estate investors. But for those that are new to the industry, like some of C Squared’s clients, they can be a silent killer for contact rates. “I’m working with a lot of companies that don’t even understand what a DID even is. They’ve been using the same numbers for so long that the carriers aren’t even connecting them any longer.”

That’s why it’s so important to have a caller ID reputation management solution that’s not just effective but simple to get the hang of. Daniels says that ClearCallerID delivers exactly that. The dashboard gives her team immediate insights into which numbers have been blocked or flagged, and they can be changed out for fresh DIDs in a flash—something that can take a week or more with other dialers. 

Best of all, when the time comes to hand over the reins to her clients, explaining the process is a breeze. “With Convoso,” Daniels says, “it’s like, go here, push two buttons, and that’s about it. It’s very easy for them to maintain themselves.”

“It’s so easy to find when a number has been flagged as spam. We can just change it—we ask for a new one and they give it to us. It’s pretty immediate. Instead of like with some other companies. It might be a week—it can be very, very long and complicated.”

Powerful Predictive Dialing to Reach More Leads, More Often

Once you’re dialing with clean numbers, there’s still plenty of work to do. After all, in a competitive industry, speed to lead can make all the difference between a conversion and a lost lead.

However, for many of C Squared’s clients, speed had been an afterthought. Daniels cites the example of a client who, like many others, weren’t even able to dial through their entire lists each quarter. “Before Convoso, the amount of calls that they were making and connecting with every day was very low.”

Implementing a state-of-the-art predictive dialer changed all that. When this client switched to Convoso, they were able to place about 25 times more calls. Coupled with customizable, automated call cadences that preserve the life of leads for longer, Daniels says the results have been “mind-blowing.”   

Not only are they getting through their whole lists, they’re making the most out of them. “It means being able to connect and connect and connect,” says Daniels. “We’re making a sale sometimes on the 16th call. Those would have been lost out on before.”

“The predictive settings in Convoso just beat everybody else hands down. Now, they’re just making those connections happen.”

Answering Machine Detection Saves Time

Another huge factor in clients’ success is the addition of accurate answering machine detection. “A lot of people, if they even have answering machine detection, have very, very low grade [AMD].”

Getting a voicemail instead of a live person—and then having to dispose that call—can put a damper on the sales floor’s mood. Instead, Convoso’s AMD solution brings high levels of accuracy to C Squared client call centers. This not only saves agents’ time but helps boost morale. Because when it comes down to it, agents want to be productive and they want to be in rhythm. Effective AMD helps them achieve both.

“The agents get to make more calls and have longer conversations because they don’t have to sit there and wait on answering machines.”

Dynamic Scripting Simplifies Training

C Squared’s favorite features aren’t just limited to those that help get more leads on the phone, of course. Tisa Daniel says that Convoso’s dynamic scripting software is a game changer, helping drive conversions and support TCPA compliance

“On the dot, agents can change up what they’re saying so that we know they’re saying the right thing, no matter what the lead source is, which is wonderful.” This helps agents make sales and set appointments—but state-specific scripts also help agents make proper disclosures and avoid running afoul of ever-changing regulations.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using dynamic scripting, though, is that it cuts agent training time by as much as 75%. With the right script in front of them, Daniels says they have been able to get agents up and running on the phones during their very first day on the job, delivering huge savings on costly training time.

“It’s all about training time. Before I used dynamic scripting from Convoso, it took two days to get agents up on the phones. Now we’re down to four hours. They can be on the phone on day one.”

Customer Success Team Helps Get the Job Done

Tisa Daniels believes whole-heartedly in Convoso’s leading edge call center technology. But she knows that even the best technology doesn’t add up to much without the right people behind it in support.

She says that as she’s moved from client to client, setting up new call centers, the Convoso customer team has been a consistent source of responsive support. “They’re always there,” she says. “The whole team is great.” 

And it’s a relationship that’s certain to keep delivering for more C Squared clients on the road ahead.

“The support staff, customer service, our account reps—all of those guys are fantastic. They’ve been wonderful to deal with, and they’ve never stopped following up until they know that a problem is completely taken care of.”

Get Dramatic Results for YOUR Call Center

Convoso is the ultimate dialer solution for sales and lead generation teams. Our outbound call center customers report dramatic increases in contact rates of up to 3X when they switch to our omnichannel contact center software, giving them higher conversions and significantly improved ROI.

The Convoso system works best with 20 or more seats, and scales efficiently to over 1000 seats to meet enterprise level requirements. See for yourself with a live demo how Convoso can help to boost the productivity of your outbound contact center operations. 

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