Be the hero your customers want and your agents need

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Convoso is designed to help improve every facet within your customer service team. Win customers loyalty by supplying your agents with a solution designed to improve theirs and the customers’ experience…at the same time. In today’s market, quality customer service is everything. Convoso heard your wide-ranging issues whether that is: low FCR, high AHT, or low CSAT scores and combated them with the industry’s first true end-to-end software.

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Powerful Reporting

Our call center platform instantly provides your organization with a comprehensive set of tools that will greatly enhance its sales calling efforts. The web-based solution arms your team with a number of enterprise-class, built-in features that increase team production.

Advanced Automation Solutions

X-flow application

Call flow designers can be extremely complex and frustrating. With Convoso’s X-flow application simply drag and drop to visually see where your customers will end up.

Omni Channel Communications

Built-in Omni Channel features enable your team to communicate with customers by using Voice, SMS, and Email all within one system.

Real-time Agent performance monitor

Real-time agent performance monitor provides up-to-the-minute monitoring, feedback, and reporting data. Instantly available to managers and supervisors so they are always aware of what is happening in the call center.

Amazing Features for Amazing Customer Experience

Hosted IVR

IVR flows eliminate the need for receptionists and also provides customers with more favorable self-service option that immediately routes them to an employee that can best fulfill their needs or requests. IVR allows your customers to service their own inquiries.


Customizable call distribution is important to maintaining your ideal workflow. Convoso’s automatic call distributor accounts for the variable in skill level in your call center. Provide the best customer experience by lowering queue times and getting your customer in the right hands.

Live Coaching

Coaching is advantageous for providing agents support and building confidence that will help the agent deliver exceptional CX. Our intuitive coaching features help you stay on top of your agent’s performance.

Skills Based Routing

Ramp up your first call resolutions with a feature aimed to get your customers in the right hands…the first time they call in. Skills based routing automates that the hierarchy within your customer service teams.

Make high-performance days the new normal in your call center.