Get Your Message to the
Masses with Voice Broadcasting

Speed meets volume.

Need to get your message out to a large number of people quickly? Convoso’s voice broadcasting allows you to send important alerts, promotions, updates, and notifications to an unlimited number of recipients all at once.

Powerful simplicity

Simply choose your contacts based on any lead criteria, record your voice message, and schedule its delivery — all in one intuitive platform. It’s that easy. Your messages are played out live for the listener or on their voicemail, and you can even provide them with the option of being transferred to a sales rep.

Reach a Few to a
Few Hundred Thousand
Recipients at Once

Save Time
and Reduce
Payroll Costs

Schedule Delivery at
the Best Times for
Your Prospects

Receive Live Transfers
and Make Them Priority
in Your Sales Process

You've got options.

With Convoso Voice Broadcast, you can create exactly the campaign you want with a range of flexible, customizable features.


For exact days and times or over a desired time range.

Alternate Messages

For live listeners or voicemails.

Live Transfers

To your own call center or to an external buyer


By automatically filtering recipients against your chosen do not call lists.

Advanced features
for a cost effective approach.

Convoso’s Voice Broadcasting is a cost-effective tool for political campaigns or other instances with a mass audience. Utilize local caller IDs to realize a higher conversion rate and receive extensive reporting data to analyze the effectiveness of your campaign.

Start streamlining your operations today.

We provide a hands-on approach to get you up-and-running in no time.