How can Gamification benefit your call center?

Learn the benefits of gamifying your contact center operation and how it enhances customer experience (CX)


Make training easy, effective, and enjoyable.

A Gamified learning management system (LMS) provides an enjoyable solution that will not only help onboard new agents more efficiently, but will also help incentivize and motivate your team to stay current on new materials, policies, product training, and other helpful resources that will help your business deliver exceptional customer experience.


Upload training materials, customize tests, set expectations, create rewards, and manage performance.

Make everyday work engaging to drive motivation.

Contact Center Gamification applies “game-like” mechanics that implement performance-based challenges used to recognize and reward agents through the use of points, prizes, and leaderboards. Leaderboards are used to foster healthy competition amongst colleagues, and encourages teams to collaborate in achieving team or company-wide goals.


Reward Your Agents

Motivate your agents by providing engaging metrics that highlight campaign goals and targets to show how their individual performance stacks up against their colleagues.

Real-Time Leaderboards

Foster healthy competition and increase productivity with call center gamification by recognizing performance with points, badges, and leaderboards.


70% of businesses fail due to lack of engagement. Why?…

90% of businesses that utilize gamification along with automated lead distribution are more likely to convert leads than companies that do not.

79% of agents reported they would be more productive and motivated if their learning environment was more enjoyable and game-like.

89% of agents reported that point or rewards-based systems would boost their engagement.

62% of agents reported significant motivation by leaderboards and increased competition between colleagues.

Gamification keeps you in the game. But why does it work?

Call Center Gamification works due to natural human responses to games, a fundamental process that is inherently hard-wired into human psychology. Game design techniques can activate our innate desires to recognize patterns, solve puzzles, master challenges, collaborate with others, and be in the drivers’ seat when experiencing the world around us. They can also create a safe space for experimentation and learning.


  • 30% less supervisor management time required.
  • More time for both agents and managers to devote to other tasks.
  • Your company’s momentum is kept moving forward.

… And Keeps Money in Your Pocket.

Gamified cloud contact center software ensures happy, motivated agents and higher ROI for your business

More knowledgeable agents a mean less errors and more satisfied customers.

Enhanced performance and motivated agents mean less money spent on turnover.

Easy accessibility and flexibility will significantly reduce your management liability.

Start gamifying your contact center today!

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