Call Center Outsourcing Software for BPOs

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To combat the many facets within your BPO, we created a complete cloud-based contact center suite packed with features designed to make life easier for all parties: you, your agents, and your customers. Convoso’s end-to-end solution is aimed to solve BPO’s three biggest priorities: customer satisfaction, rapid scalability, and flexibility.

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Intelligent Campaign Management

Eliminate the headache of worrying about your agents juggling multiple campaigns at the same time. Convoso harmoniously merges or separates campaigns based on your needs and your client’s demands. For admins, campaign management has never been so simple.

Advanced Automation Solutions

Rapid Deployment

Meet the needs of your evolving clients with a platform that serves any changes in your call or campaign volume. Setting up your fully-scaled call center is easy– our highly flexible platform allows for admins to customize your call center at a moment’s notice.

Flexible Scaling

Easily scale your contact center up or down by taking up or releasing online resources. Eliminate the headaches of on-premise systems that require more hardware/software to handle any increase in call flow. Convoso will prevent you from wasting resources if your call flow declines.

Instant Mobility

Get increased mobility with our system’s WebRTC functionality that gives your business instant access to our built-in, hassle-free softphone. Our on-demand WebRTC applications will save your business tens of thousands of operational costs and maintenance fees.

Modern & Easy to Use Interface

A modern and easy to use interface provides an enjoyable experience that will not only help onboard new agents more efficiently in a world where hiring is constant, but also help management maximize their time by quickly executing on the day-to-day operations of the contact center. Run reports in minutes rather than pulling and combining data from multiple systems to give you the information you need in order to make better and faster decisions.

Smart solutions for genius call centers

CTI Screen-pop

CTI screen-pop automatically shows your agent any existing information that you have on the caller in order to give them as much customer insight as possible to provide customers with the most personalized experience.

Dynamic Scripting

Scripting never been easier! With Convoso’s revolutionary drag and drop scripting, managers can add important talking points with ease. See trouble areas in your scripts or allow for agents to chime in with feedback.

Live Coaching

Convoso’s intuitive coaching features to stay on top of your agent’s performance. These three features: whisper, barge, or listen allow for admins to pinpoint problem areas with agents or help out agents in tough calls with customers.

Built-in softphone

Convoso’s System’s browser-based (webRTC) softphone is a built-in piece of software that allows users to easily make and receive calls through an internet browser and internet connection. Just connect and start dialing!

Real-time performance monitor

The Real-time agent performance monitor provides up-to-the-minute monitoring, feedback, and reporting data instantly available to managers and supervisors so they are always aware of what is happening in the call center.

Make high-performance days the new normal in your call center.