Follow-the-Sun Dialer Software

Call leads on their time.

Call your contacts at a time that works for them. Once you set up dialing schedules, Convoso’s follow-the-sun system selects each lead at the time of day when they’ll be most responsive. Now you can improve customer satisfaction and sales with well-timed, considerate calls.

Schedule Calls Based
On Time Zones

Agent Efficiency

Connection Rate

Call Target Audiences
on Their Preferred Time

The power of Cloud-Based
call center software.

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Stay Within

Set It Once
and Forget It

Manage compliance in every state.

Every state has different laws for timing sales calls. Follow-the-sun dialing supports compliance with TCPA and local telemarketing regulations. Dialing schedules can be customized for each state, ensuring that your agents always call at just the right moment.

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Follow-the-Sun Dialing
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Most customers boost contact rates by at least 30% with Convoso's innovative technology.

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