Putting the Power of Productivity in Their Power Dialer

Putting the Power of Productivity in Their Power Dialer

October 13, 2020 | Convoso

Convoso Customer Success Story:  Insurance provider shrinks wait times and triples agent conversations

Insurance Line One is a full-service, national insurance agency committed to providing help for American insurance needs.


“The single best asset for us at Insurance Line One has been Convoso’s Power Dialer. It has allowed us to slash wait times between calls. My reps now have two to three times the number of conversations they used to, and it’s made a significant impact on our bottom line. And, of course, our agents are much happier.”

– Mike Kelly, Sales Manager, Insurance Line One

Insurance Line One_Convoso Customer Success Story Summary
Conversations Triple for Insurance Line One After Switching to Convoso

Insurance Company Dialer Issues Are a Liability

Before Insurance Line One switched to Convoso, their insurance agents had long wait times between calls. Their call center’s dialer had daily persistent problems and wasn’t dialing as it should.

That means neither the agents nor the company were operating effectively—and that hurts everyone’s bottom line.

On top of that, they were dealing with spam notification issues every day, which will have an impact on any company’s caller ID reputation—not a good thing when you’re running a call center for insurance agents.

We had recurrent issues with our previous software, ruining whole days of productivity. The dialer just wasn’t working properly.

Insurance Provider Gets the Benefits of a Better Dialer

To address low call volume and long agent wait times, Convoso set up Insurance Line One’s call center with our advanced cloud-based power dialer. This had a huge impact on their call volume capacity. But with any autodialer, the user is at risk of burning through leads too fast if they don’t know how to configure it properly.

That’s why Convoso teams up every new customer with a dedicated product expert. What’s software without support? The Customer Success Manager continues with the company for the duration of their time as a customer.

The support team for ILO helped them optimize their dialer to find the sweet spot for running their campaigns, tweaking adjustments of the dialing cadence to within half a ring.

“From a high level perspective, the Convoso product has allowed us to streamline and automate what were previously cumbersome manual tasks and processes.”

— Marlon Johnson, Marketing Director, Insurance Line One

Going with the Workflows

ILO uses both the outbound and inbound functionalities of Convoso’s software solution. Marlon Johnson, Marketing Director at Insurance Line One, helped create the architecture of the sales funnel for the company and the workflow templates on the Convoso platform.

When an online form or call comes in from one of their landing pages, it goes into the Convoso dialer and automatically initiates the workflow template, beginning with a call to the prospect.

ILO increases sales by maximizing the power of omnichannel, using automated emails and SMS in addition to calling to increase contact points. Automating the workflows has helped to drive greater efficiency at ILO.

Insurance Call Center Claims

In contrast to the chronic daily upsets of their previous dialer, the Insurance Line One call center now runs smoothly.

With Convoso’s advanced power dialer, ILO was able to consistently generate a volume of calls and propel greater productivity. Their agents experience minimal wait time between calls, giving them more time on the phone having conversations.

Contact rates have improved dramatically. Average calls went from about 300 per day to 800 or 900 per day. And Medicare calls increased from an average of 200-300 per day to 600 per day.

The improved efficiencies had a really positive impact on agent morale as they have been able to get more conversations day-to-day.

Efficiency Means Growth

Insurance Line One doubled agents in one year after switching to Convoso

By improving efficiencies with leads, managers, and agents, Insurance Line One has enabled growth for the company.

Leads perform more efficiently with a powerful, optimized dialer.

Streamlining workflows with automations allows both agents and managers to reduce manual tasks and increase efficiency.

Managers realize greater efficiencies with real time reporting, for example, keeping an eye on talk time and drop ratings. ILS uses the Agent Monitor to track agent productivity, so they can respond quickly with appropriate tactics to improve efficiency of the call center’s operation.

Since switching to Convoso, Insurance Line One has scaled from 40 agents to 82 agents. That’s a probability worth insuring!

Key Results After Switching to Convoso

Doubled Agent Seats  |  Tripled Contact Rate  |  Huge Morale Boost for Agents

Insurance Line One results after switching to Convoso

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