Top Webinars for Lead Gen & Outbound Call Centers from 2020

In 2020, outbound call centers had to adapt to a sudden new reality along with the rest of the world. For those that weren’t already virtual operations, the switch took a brave but essential leap to jumpstart and manage sales and lead generation teams working from home. 

In our 2020 webinars, Convoso brought together experts to share insights and tips on some of the most critical issues facing our industry. Here now in summary are our top webinars.  

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STIR/SHAKEN & Call Blocking – What to know. What to do.

STIR/SHAKEN & Call Blocking – What call centers needs to know 

Stir-Shaken & Call Blocking Webinar

Learn how to operate an effective and compliant call center. Experts share how STIR/SHAKEN will impact call centers and best practices to manage call blocking issues.


Gain More Customers in Home Services and Solar

Home Services and Improvement Lead Generation

Convoso teamed up with ActiveProspect for a jam-packed 30 minute webinar to help call centers get new strategies for contacting the right leads at the right time with tips to avoid call blocking. 


Next Gen Strategies for Outbound Profitability

The 2.0 Lead Generation Call Center

The 2.0 Lead Generation Call Center.

The experts discuss managing remote call center agents, the impact of AI, automation and dialing strategies, understanding the profitability of your lists, list sources and more


The 3 Efficiencies Driving Call Center Profitability

The 3 Efficiencies Driving Telesales Call Center Profitability_PACE ACX expert panel

Find out why driving efficiencies is critical for the next-gen call center in this expert panel from the 2020 PACE ACX Virtual Conference. For lead gen and sales teams to be profitable, they need improve efficiency across leads, agents, and managers.


Virtual Call Centers – How to Manage Productivity and Stay Compliant

How to Effectively Operate A Work From Home Call Center

How to Effectively Operate A Work From Home Call Center.

Call center experts Heather Griffin, SVP Inside Sales at Momentum Solar, and Chief Product Officer at Convoso, Bobby Hakimi, share their knowledge and experience about getting the most from your virtual dialer and valuable advice about managing agents who work from home.


Keeping It Compliant: Legal Aspects of Running a Virtual Call Center.

Attorneys Michele Shuster and Lisa Messner of Mac Murray & Shuster teamed up with Convoso to share compliance tips for remote call centers. Key topics covered include risk assessment, mitigation steps, and compliance safeguards your dialer should be providing.


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