Five9 vs. Convoso: A Clear-Cut Choice for Contact Rates and Conversions

Five9 vs. Convoso: A Clear-Cut Choice for Contact Rates and Conversions

August 29, 2022 | Convoso

For outbound sales and lead gen teams, every single action adds up. Each call, text, email, voicemail, disposition: together, all those interactions accumulate and impact your bottom line. 

That’s why when it comes to software, you can’t settle for second-best. Without the right dialer driving the utmost efficiency and delivering maximum contacts and conversions, you’re simply leaving profits and growth on the table. 

To help you choose the best dialer software for your team, we’ve zeroed in on a couple of the top technologies available today. When you compare Five9 vs. Convoso’s outbound dialers, which dialer option comes out ahead?


Inbound Specialists: Where Five9 Shines

Five9 was an early player in the cloud call center software space. Since starting up and taking on legacy on-premise technologies, they have become one of the world’s largest providers. Offering inbound, outbound, and blended dialing options within one platform, Five9 seems a convenient choice for many businesses.

But are their dialing options capable of delivering the results your team needs? Let’s take a look at the platform’s strengths.


Inbound and Customer Service

Among dedicated inbound solutions for contact centers of all sizes, Five9 is an industry-leader. Call center automation tools like AI-driven intelligent call routing bolster an excellent Automatic Call Distribution software that gets the job done for customer service call centers. Plus, their cloud-based software boasts top-notch reliability, with a 99.99% SLA and major security certifications.

[Convoso offers companies blended contact center capabilities for both inbound and outbound.]



Five9’s automation-driven platform enables businesses to support customers over email, SMS, webchat, video, and social messaging apps.

[Convoso’s omnichannel capabilities allow companies to maximize the value of lead lists and increase contact rates by automating outreach and follow up cadences over calling, SMS text, and email]


Employee Efficiency Tools

Supporting this omnichannel functionality is a range of workforce management and optimization tools intended to help managers engage agents and get the most out their time. Managers can observe any agent’s desktop activity or monitor calls in real time, manage team utilization to help avoid call center agent burnout, gamify the workday, and more. Likewise, agents themselves have robust options for managing their schedules, evaluations, and learning opportunities within the same integrated platform.

[Convoso supports agent productivity to boost morale and drive engagement with top call center management tools and customizable dashboards.]



Five9 can integrate with a wide range of CRM software. The platform offers pre-built integrations for common CRMs such as Salesforce, Zendesk, ServiceNow, Microsoft, and Oracle. They also provide a variety of tools and APIs to help you integrate a custom CRM system.

[Convoso’s open API allows businesses to take advantage of powerful third party integrations and works with some operations to customize tools as needed.]


Five9 for Outbound Dialing: Can It Deliver?

These five-star features bolster Five9’s standing as a strong inbound solution. But what about outbound sales and lead generation? 


The Five9 Predictive Dialer

For starters, Five9’s software does feature an outbound dialer offering multiple dialing modes—including predictive, power, progressive, and preview. However, according to customer reports, it lacks both the power and the intelligence to connect agents with as many live customers as possible and is often slow to respond to changes in call volume.

The result? Calls that don’t get connected to agents. That means higher lead costs, lower morale, and a slump in outbound ROI.

Voicemail Detection

Five9 also offers answering machine detection (AMD) with its dialer, and important feature for outbound sales and marketing teams. But how does it stack up against Convoso’s AMD software, with proven results in high speed and accuracy?

 For Jesse Daniels and his team of agents at One Health Direct, insufficient answering machine detection performance was a huge ROI killer: 

“One of the big issues we had with Five9, and then VICIdial as well, was the answering machine detection. It was very inaccurate. Our agents were spending about 70% of their day coding answering machines. It was very, very unproductive.”

Lost time equals lost sales. Perhaps that’s why another customer saw 5 times as many conversations and 5 times as many sales in a side-by-side comparison between Five9 and Convoso.


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Convoso Delivers Contacts Rates, Conversions, and GROWTH for Outbound Teams

When comparing Five9 vs. Convoso, it’s clear there are two starkly different paths for outbound sales and lead gen professionals. For companies needing to deliver results and drive growth in outbound sales and lead generation, Convoso is the clear-cut choice. 

As Convoso CEO and Co-Founder Nima Hakimi describes:

“Convoso is intended for anyone who wants to scale their call center and isn’t interested in staying small. If you’re looking to grow, and really take your organization to the next level, then you need a solution like Convoso.” 


A Huge Difference in Predictive Dialer Capabilities

The difference between Convoso and Five 9 is straightforward: Convoso offers the #1 predictive dialer for outbound sales teams. It’s simply designed to deliver results in outbound sales by quickly connecting more agents with leads. Former Five9 customer David Zamani, Managing Partner at GetHealth-e, says switching to Convoso was like night and day:

“The metrics changed immediately. Our business is definitely reaping the rewards. We’re making a tremendous amount more in sales, we’re dialing significantly less data than before, and our connection rate has increased 400%.”

What Sets the Convoso Predictive Dialer Apart

  • Reliability + Intelligence: The Convoso predictive dialer is designed to scale along with your needs. It’s able to handle a high volume of calls as you grow over time, and able to more quickly adjust in real time as your call volume demands change.
  • Industry-Best Speed to Lead: Convoso’s predictive dialer allows companies to get to leads while they’re still warm to close more sales with speed to lead.


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Caller ID Reputation Management

The Convoso contact center solution isn’t just the fastest around—it’s also supported by features tailored to the needs of today’s call centers. 

One of the biggest challenges companies face today is calls that are blocked and/or flagged as potential spam.  If you can’t reach your intended audience of potential buyers, how are you going to sell to or qualify a lead? It’s been an enormous business model disrupter and ROI-slayer for telemarketers. That’s why outbound contact centers have been scrambling for a solution. And why Convoso provides customers with a robust set of caller ID reputation management tools—something Five9 does not provide themselves.

For former Five9 customer David Zamani, the issue became a deal breaker: 

“By the time I would see that certain numbers were flagged as spam and try to rotate them, from an operational standpoint, it was impossible. That created a major issue for our overall connectivity rate, …requiring us to dwell on a lot more data to connect our agents with consumers… We knew we needed to make a change.”

Recognizing the scale of call flagging issues, Convoso developed its own comprehensive DID management suite called ClearCallerID™. Our customers get full transparency into the health of their caller IDs, across all major carriers, and they’re able to quickly and easily swap out numbers that aren’t performance—before they harm contact rates and take a bite of out of their bottom line.


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It’s All About Contact Rates (no contact, no sale, no revenue)

Where Convoso stands out as an industry leader is in the capacity to boost contact rates above what companies usually experience with other dialers. The solution offers a proven track record of increasing contact rates up to 3X for outbound contact centers, enabling them to drive higher conversions.

Amongst the spaceship dashboard of robust tools available on the Convoso platform, a few of the primary features for helping achieve these results in improved contact rates are:

Exceptionally Efficient Predictive Dialing

As mentioned above, contact centers reach more leads with Convoso’s superior predictive dialer that efficiently balances agent idle time with drop rates.

Super Fast Scalability

Sales and lead generation teams can reach out to large volumes of leads while scaling up and down quicker than other dialers to maximize efficiency and get more leads on the phone.

Speed to Lead in Seconds

Convoso’s industry-leading dialer throughput allows you to reach leads before the competition, and dial through lists quickly to significantly increase contact and conversion rates.

Fast & Accurate Voicemail Detection

Convoso’s highly customizable, state-of-the-art answering machine detection technology means more agent time spent in conversations.


Dynamic Scripting Software

In addition to getting agents on the phone more frequently and at a lower cost, Convoso makes it easier for them to close sales with the right scripts. Dynamic scripting software auto-populates sales scripts that are personalized with data from your CRM. Better yet, the scripts update in real time in response to your agent’s conversation, ensuring that agents have easy access to the sales message that supports compliance and drives more sales.


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Convoso Supports Inbound Needs

While our ability to support outbound sales success at scale is what sets us apart, we don’t skimp on inbound features that help blended call centers deliver winning customer service. Just ask David Zamani:

Convoso has all the capabilities of Five9 for inbound that we’ve ever had… but better because everything can be customized. In Five9, you’re very limited to what’s out-of-the-box. Convoso can really be tailored to everything you need. If it’s not out-of-the-box, it can be created, no problem.”

Don’t Just Choose a Growth Tool. Choose a Growth Partner.

Zamani’s last point is an important one. It emphasizes a key difference between Convoso and a giant like Five9: Customer care. From onboarding and training, to optimizations and troubleshooting, Convoso is  invested in their customers’ growth, and work as partners on the path to every customer’s success.

The customization and dedicated support you’ll find at Convoso towers above what Five9 regularly delivers. 

As is the case for so many Five9 features, you’ve got to pay more if you want more. And as Zach Randolph, VP of Sales at Ascent Mortgage Group, attests, premium service is what every single Convoso receives:  

“Our main reason for switching was because we felt like a small blip on Five9’s radar when it came to customer service. Convoso promised much more hands-on customer service and tech support and they have delivered! 

It’s just one more reason that Convoso’s better positioned to deliver more conversations, more conversions, and more growth for your sales team. 



Not convinced? See how these two dialer softwares stack up for yourself. Take the first step toward outbound sales improvement and sign up for a free demo today.



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