Convoso Client Success Story: Ascent Mortgage Group

Ascent Mortgage Group Logo.pngIn mid-2017 Ascent Mortgage Group came to Convoso searching for a new contact center platform with a high-performance automated dialer like none other. Before starting on the Convoso platform, Ascent Mortgage Group was “burning through leads” – a negative outcome that resulted from the various call center applications and providers they were using. Almost immediately after Ascent Mortgage Group deployed Convoso’s contact center platform, they saw several improvements that not only helped them grow and hire an additional 25 agents without the need to purchase more leads, but also helped:

  • Increase their contact rate on their lead lists from 40% to 70%, thanks to local caller ID functions and advanced workflow automation
  • Boost call volume capacity and streamline operations allowing them to place over 10,000 calls each day
  • Double their list conversion rate using advanced workflow automation
  • Increase overall call center utilization rate by more than 27% in less than 2 months by allowing staff to grow, learn, and master their positions
  • Automate many manual processes, including reporting functionalities and drip features, and consolidate many 3rd party applications, including report generation, into one platform to help save them over $15,000 per month

Ascent’s Challenges Before Convoso

Before partnering with Convoso, Ascent Mortgage Group ran into several frustrating challenges, stemming from inferior technology, which slowed their overall call center productivity. Ascent was also having debilitating experiences with the call center providers they were using at the time. Prior to Convoso, Ascent used Five9 and ConnectFirst. While these are big-name providers, they could not provide the “high-quality customer experience” they boasted about.

As a result, Ascent frequently confronted poor customer service, language barriers, and outdated and buggy technology. Another provider, Integra, signed a contract with Ascent in 2015, but failed to deliver when their customer service team never followed up with Ascent to set up and configure their account, despite the completed paperwork.

Overall, Ascent Mortgage Group was having a difficult time coping with industry challenges like answering machine detection accuracy, and lead connections, and was struggling to find dialer configurations that met their needs. To increase the number of leads to conversions, streamline the reporting and ticket process, and decrease hands-on time, Ascent Mortgage Group decided to look for an alternative contact center software provider that would address their challenges and help migrate their existing platform to the new solution with little to no downtime.

How Convoso Helped

Before switching to Convoso, Ascent Mortgage Group was, understandably, nervous about the deployment process. Switching platforms can be costly, and, unless executed properly, difficult for companies with low profit margins. Luckily, Convoso’s team of dedicated staff made the transition – from sale and setup to onboarding and training – quick and simple for Ascent. In the words of Ascent Mortgage Group’s Founder, Chris, “It was very seamless. I came in in the morning to a different dialer…and then, all of a sudden, I saw results that took off to the moon.”<

Convoso did this by going further than Ascent’s previous call center providers ever had. To ensure the switching process went as smoothly as possible, we flew one of our Implementation Specialists out to Ascent’s headquarters on a Monday. This specialist worked on-site with Ascent’s team to understand their business processes, hold meetings with their administrators and call center managers, and address the challenges of agents. By Friday, the Ascent’s deployment process was complete, and Ascent’s team was completely switched to the new platform. All of Ascent’s 45 agents were up and running on the new system, and no productivity had been lost. What’s more, Ascent’s call center managers now had the ability to walk the call center floor and promote agent productivity, enjoying the mobility offered by our tablet-friendly program.

These results were possible because Convoso has completed hundreds of migrations over the years, and we understand how to avoid pitfalls, ensure simplicity, and protect profit margins throughout.

Convoso “wasn’t lying when [promising] it was truly an end-to-end solution.” Every feature, from the area code-based caller ID “that increased the amount of live calls reps connected with,” to the various reports and dashboards, real-time agent monitor, and call status reports “provided easy and painless customizability and unlimited functionality.” 

Another benefit for Ascent was the mobility and accessibility from a tablet “which simplified walking the floor while monitoring.” The team also loved Convoso’s advanced workflow automation, which “helped increase penetration by auto-moving leads based on pre-set events, actions or triggers from one list to another.” This tool, specifically, contributed to Ascent’s skyrocketing lead contact rate, productivity, and results, and eventually allowed them to hire 25 additional agents. “Since we started using Convoso’s call center platform, everything has been on autopilot. It’s been really the least amount of time I’ve had to operate with a dialer.”

By giving Ascent Mortgage Group the tools to scale their company and providing a powerful and customizable predictive dialer, Convoso has helped Ascent Mortgage Group grow in size and revenue.


Convoso believes deeply in customer service, and it’s this belief that has helped Ascent Mortgage Group succeed. Today, Ascent Mortgage Group uses the Convoso call center platform to sustain daily operations, resolve issues, find solutions to common problems, and scale the business.

Since Ascent Mortgage Group launched Convoso’s platform, they’ve gained the capital and resources to hire additional agents, increase contact rates from 40% to 70%, and streamline efficiency from an intuitive and user-friendly platform.

With Convoso, Ascent’s call center utilization rate has jumped by 27% and admins and agents alike have gained access to the benefits of a simpler and more straightforward platform that’s designed to work with their industry, rather than against it. Ascent Mortgage Group handles a high-volume of inbound and outbound calls, which necessitates that any platform they use avoid interrupting productivity in any way.

Because Convoso navigates expertly around the potential challenges of providing a streamlined migration and implementation process, Ascent reports that “switching to Convoso has been absolutely great – everything from the look, the feel of the platform, to the experience, customer service and the higher tier management, working in their platform and with their team been a great experience”

Convoso’s features and functionality have been integral to their success and scalability. Our team looks forward to watching Ascent Mortgage Group continue on its upward trajectory.

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About Ascent Mortgage Group

Ascent Mortgage Group operates an outbound and inbound call center that facilitates the transfer of qualified leads to credit repair and loan vendors within the real estate industry. Founded in 2013 and located in Denver, Colorado, Ascent Mortgage Group employs 45 agents as of 2017. In the four years Ascent Mortgage Group has existed, the company has worked to help clients with lower credit scores obtain home loans.

Ascent Mortgage Group operates a contact center that facilitates a 50/50 blend of inbound and outbound calls dedicated to streamlining the process of helping people with low credit scores secure mortgage loans.

Ascent specializes in servicing people who apply or search for mortgages using an online search engine such as Google. After Ascent receives the contact’s information/inquiry, their team of in-house agents field those calls, asking the customer a series of discovery/qualifying questions to determine whether they are ready to get transferred to one of their partnered banks and lenders around the country, or whether there are gaps to fill, first. If the customer does qualify for a loan, Ascent’s agent pairs them with a partnering bank that best fits the client’s needs. If the client does not qualify, Ascent assists the client by transferring them to a third-party credit restoration company.

Recently, Ascent Mortgage Group switched to Convoso’s cloud-based contact center platform, which they now use to streamline their daily operations. Today, Convoso’s auto dialer technology, paired with its other powerful features and functionalities, works on autopilot and saves the team at Ascent Mortgage Group time, energy, and money every day.

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