Call Whisper: What It Is and Why Your Call Center Agents Need It

Delivering a successful sales pitch or top-notch service over the phone is no simple achievement.

Holding effective sales conversations is part art, part science. And even the most naturally talented contact center will need some well-timed coaching to strike the right balance.

If you’re a manager or a more experienced agent with wisdom and feedback to share, a call whisper solution is a must for your team.

Learn why below, in our guide to this essential tool for today’s contact centers.

What is Call Whisper?

Call whisper, or agent whispering, is a tool used in contact centers that operates with a dual function. First, it permits supervisors to listen to live calls between agents and potential customers without being detected by either party. Then, it enables supervisors to offer guidance in real time to agents during the call, unheard by the potential customer.

As a real-time assistance feature, agents can operate as though they have a coach on standby during the call.

That means new agents can get up to speed faster with the help of on the job guidance. And more experienced agents can receive targeted feedback when they need it most—whether it’s to support TCPA compliance, handle customer objections, or ensure a sales pitch is fully communicated.

Using Call Whispering in the Modern Contact Center

For today’s sales and lead gen teams, success is more than making and receiving a high quantity of calls. 

Whether it’s in lead generation, sales, or customer service, effective contact center activity is about leveraging data-driven strategies and advanced tools to optimize the quality of call experiences.

Here are several reasons why call whispering is becoming a cornerstone at contact center operations of all stripes:

Enhancing agent performance and onboarding: Call whisper allows managers to guide and coach agents during live calls, providing them with instant feedback and assistance. This accelerates agent training and upskilling, leading to improved performance, customer satisfaction, and conversions.

Improving customer experiences: With call whispering, managers can step in when an agent is struggling to resolve a customer’s issue, providing real time support that can make the difference between a negative and positive customer experience, between a sale and a lost lead.

Supporting compliance: Regulations and state calling restrictions change far faster than agents can be expected to keep up. And even seemingly small violations can cause significant damage to your business and its reputation. Call whispering can give you one more tool in your arsenal to help ensure that agents are adhering to all necessary rules and regulations during their interactions with customers.

Resolving conflicts: In cases where there’s a dispute or disagreement between an agent and a customer, a supervisor can listen to the conversation and provide guidance, helping to defuse the situation. Worst case, they can make themselves immediately available if escalation is ultimately required.

Boosting quality assurance: Call whispering supports quality assurance efforts by providing a means for managers to monitor and improve sales performance and service call handling in real-time, enhancing the overall quality of conversations.

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Supplement Call Whisper with the Right Contact Center Software Features

While call whisper is itself a game-changing feature, it needs to be paired with other contact center software features for optimal results. Below are a few you should consider as you evaluate contact center software options:

  • Call recording and analytics: If you’re a manager, you can’t be present to help on every call. That’s why deep reporting insights and call analytics are so important. Robust reporting tools equip you with the data you need to retrospectively review calls, analyze trends and individual performances, and provide detailed feedback to agents.
  • Intelligent call routing: Smart, skills-based routing capabilities help you make the most of your leads, ensuring that calls are assigned to the agents best equipped to handle a given lead or case, based on their skills, availability, and other parameters that you set. Use these to increase lead conversion rates and optimize agent productivity in a more hands-off manner.
  • CRM integration: Integrating your CRM with your call center software allows agents to access historical lead and customer data during calls. With the info they need, they can deliver improved, more personalized experiences to boost sales and support.
  • Dynamic scripting: Better yet, personalized data can be automatically populated within a call script. Dynamic scripting software gives you the ability to easily create the perfect sales scripts. Then, your scripts will update in real time based on the flow of conversation, making sure agents can stay on message until a successful close.
  • Integrated QA software: AI-powered quality assurance software such as can do some of the “whispering” for you, providing real-time guidance and sentiment analysis.

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Call whisper is a powerful tool for contact center performance management. But ultimately it’s only one piece of the productivity puzzle. To maximize agent efficiency and overall growth, look for a dialer platform that delivers a comprehensive suite of features and tools alongside a powerful predictive dialer that delivers the speed to lead you need.

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