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Convoso integration partner logoConvoso is the #1 dialer for driving more revenue while optimizing the efficiency of your call center. We are always looking for ways to help our customers improve their profitability and ROI.

That’s why we’ve partnered with, a leading conversational intelligence company that uses AI to gather meaningful insights from the thousands of conversations your agents have with prospects every day. 

What is helps agents consistently perform at their best while also providing real-time coaching and feedback. uses conversational intelligence to help agents determine the next best actions to take as they progress through each call. The advanced tool replaces traditional call center scripting with an intelligent engine that analyzes customer sentiment and past performance to create a customized script for each call. 

Detailed analytics are gathered on each call to understand customer pain points, customer sentiment, agent effectiveness and so much more. This data can be used to score each call automatically to support your quality assurance program and assist with ongoing agent training.

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How does this integration help my contact center increase productivity?

Using Convoso and together allows call centers to driver greater profitability by reaching more leads and optimizing agent performance.

Convoso is the industry’s fastest and most powerful dialer for improving contact rates and profitability, and supplements those capabilities with a leading conversational intelligence solution that boosts conversion rates. 


This integration is now available for all Convoso and customers.

Convoso Customers talk to your CSM to learn more. Not a Convoso customer yet?  Learn more about how our platform delivers amazing results with a live demo.

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